A must-have Wireless Mini Camcorders Video Surveillance IP Camera


This mini camera is portable and pocket , which makes it perfect as a wireless home security camera or a house.

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Some top features of this Wireless Mini Camcorder

Monitoring from a wide perspective
Hidden cameras in the restroom Covert camera with a wide-angle lens that can capture 160 degrees. It is possible to utilize it as a surveillance and security camera in order to record more scenes than was before possible. A little wifi camera is able to catch more of its surroundings despite its diminutive size.

Night Vision When there is not enough light, the night vision mode on the home camera will activate automatically.

The wifi camera’s invisible infrared LED helps to highlight things and delivers the greatest quality nighttime video surveillance footage. Additionally, the camera makes no sound, emits no light, and draws no unwelcome attention to itself. Ideal for jobs that need recording around the clock as well as live video checks.

HD 1080P
The little covert camera The camera utilizes a 2.0MP image sensor and can record 1920 x 1080P genuine full HD video. The HD video format is supported by the nanny cam that also records video.

Night Vision: Night Vision enables continuous monitoring to be performed even in completely dark rooms.

Rechargeable: An internal lithium battery that, if completely charged, is capable of recording for around three hours outside.

Modest and portable: Its small size and portability won’t draw unwanted attention, and it’s simple to set up and use.

Support for TF cards of up to 128 gigabytes, loop recording for up to 24 hours, and the ability to conveniently monitor the playing progress through the accompanying app.

Built-in hotspot: If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or a TF card, you can record or play live video by connecting to the built-in hotspot.

Easy Installation: The base of the lamp can be placed on a table or shelf, and the lamp itself can be mounted on the ceiling or in other locations. Viewing live video from a distant location through WIFI: A WIFI connection enables numerous people to see live video from any location at any time.

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