What Should You Do Before Updating Your Smartphone

What Should You Do Before Updating Your Smartphone?

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While it is good to update a smartphone, there are still some problems with any new smartphone update and new services. 

It is not to be ruled out that some of the small mistakes we make after a smartphone update can make our smartphone even slower.

Many such problems are caused by the mistakes most people make when updating a smartphone. 

So, why update the smartphone? Read on to know what to do before and after the smartphone update.

New Services and Security:

It is very important that smartphone users update their phones on time. The software on the smartphone should be updated at least once a month. 

This will give your phone new services and more security with it. All phone manufacturers tell you to install or upgrade a new operating system in one of their settings. 

It is best if you clean the data on your mobile before doing this update. Oftentimes, updating is more likely to cause your phone’s software to crash.

Keep an eye on the phone’s memory:

Previously, phones could have only twenty to thirty messages. Phones with 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB memory are common. 

Don’t demand mobile, photo, video, and video as much memory. This will make your phone speed very slow. It is best to use only half of the memory. 

Similarly download the files and photos that are most important to you in Google Drive, Dropbox, and other online cloud storage. 

For photos, Google can store Google Photos’ storage space. Don’t worry if this looks good at all. 

It does not show your photo to anyone without your permission. Using this type of online service will speed up your phone’s memory.

Make Deep Clean:

In a long time, your phone will store many unnecessary photos and files in the phone’s memory and reduce mobile speed. 

Delete these unnecessary files where your phone is. Select the phone settings there, pressing the phone reset, all the unwanted files are deleted. 

But be careful, save the file as needed before resetting the phone. In addition, if you open and use multiple apps simultaneously on the phone, it will make the phone slower. 

For this, close the app where your phone does not need to keep track of the use of the app from time to time.

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