Adhesive Thumb Hook Holders for Hanging on walls


These are FANTASTIC as wall decorations, and they are ideal for each and every space. You may use them to build a fantastic and lovely home using these cute Thumb Hook Holders.

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Find out how to use this beautiful thumb hook holders

In order to prepare the wall for installation, please remove any dust or stains caused by water and ensure that the wall is kept clean and dry.

Suitable for use on surfaces such as tiles, glass, any metal, wood, or plastic, etc.

It is not difficult to remove. After heating it with a hair dryer for twenty seconds, remove it from the heat.

To get the greatest possible results, wait at least six hours before using.


Beautifully designed like a thumbs-up. Excellent choices for use as interior decorations.

This hook, which is installed on the wall, is intended to hold our things.

Used extensively on a wide range of smooth surfaces including plastic, metal, tile, ceramic, and wood among others.

Produced from silicone of the highest possible quality; robust and long-lasting. The hooks are a fantastic method to provide more room for storage.

Fixing things like pens, headphones lines, USB cables, computer lines, and mobile phone charger cables may be done with the help of an adhesive cable organizer made of cable clips.

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