Top 5 Tricks That Make MS-WORD Easy To Use

Top 5 Tricks That Make MS-WORD Easy To Use


Computer use is essential in any field today. MS World is essential for many types of work in school, college, and office. 

To make it easy to use, many shortcut keys are used to quickly finish everyday tasks. More information on this is as follows.

You may be a student, teacher, professional or unemployed. But you will definitely use Microsoft Word at least once in your life. 

In these days of coronavirus crisis anxiety, children’s education is limited to most households and online. 

In addition, most of the office work has also been transferred to the home. Work from home is a new mantra of safety. Thus the use of Microsoft Word has increased significantly recently.

While Microsoft Word is very easy to use, for some it is an iron ore. In fact, once you know the most commonly used commands and shortcuts, Word is no rocket science. Come on, let’s learn some tips and tricks using Microsoft Word.

Method of adding a hyperlink to a particular word or sentence

1. Make a copy of the hyperlink to be added to your document first.

2. Highlight a word or sentence that you want to include a hyperlink to.

3. Now start the edit hyperlink settings by pressing Ctrl + K.

4. Press Ctrl + V and press Ok, then paste the URL.

Changing Line Spacing

1. Place the cursor on one side of the paragraph anywhere

2. Press Ctrl + 2 for double spacing between the lines in the paragraph.

3. Press Ctrl + 1 for single spacing between the lines in the paragraph.

4. Press Ctrl + 5 for one and a half spacing between the lines of the paragraph.

Changing the capitalization of a document

1. Select the part of the sentence that you want to change.

2. Find the “A a” button on the Home tab.

3. Select which capitalization is required here.

Changing Auto Correct Setting

1. Open the file.

2. Click on Options.

3. Click on Proofing.

4. Now click on the Autocorrect option.

5. Set your own AutoCorrect options.

Text relocation within the document

1. Select the text you want to change.

2. Now press F2 key on your keyboard.

3. Now place the cursor where the text needs to be moved.

4. Press enter.

These are the 5 MS word tricks you can use to make your work or student life easier while using Microsoft Word!

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