Mobile phone holder that can be operated with one hand!


This Mobile phone holder can be a great accessory for your car which can be operated in just one hand.

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Cool features of this Mobile phone holder

Adjustable Foot
Adjustability is included in the bottom tray. You can slide the foot down the screen if your phone is on the larger side. Therefore, the phone mount for the automobile will be able to hold your large phone more securely.

Compatible with Thicker Cases

There is a depth of 0.67 inches in the vehicle phone mount. The VICSEED vehicle phone holder mount works wonderfully with both smaller and larger phones. Additionally, it is compatible with very thick cases. There is no longer a need to remove phone covers. Simply place your phone inside, and it will take care of the rest of the work for you.

Hold the Charging Port in Reserve

Because there is a reserve charging connector, you won’t have any trouble keeping your phone powered up. Always make sure the battery on your phone is fully charged. Additionally, it will not obstruct the aux jack. You are free to connect your phone to the audio system in your vehicle at any time.

Telescopic Arm

The telescopic arm that comes along with the ELV Easy One Touch extends to provide customers with improved viewing angles while they are using their device.

Drive Smarter

Your electronic gadget will be held firmly in place by the ELV Easy One Touch Car Mount, allowing you to drive with complete assurance. The Smart Mount. Drive Smarter.


Protect your treasured investment without adding more weight or bulk while yet maintaining a stylish appearance.

2-Step Locking

Just the touch of a finger is all that is required to lock or unlock the device using the ELV Easy one touch mounting solution.

Rotation in whole 360 degrees

The Telescopic Arm is completely adjustable and can rotate over 360 degrees, allowing for rapid landscape and portrait views. The new telescopic arm extends by two inches, bringing the tablet into closer viewing range.

Simple Gained Entry

The bottom foot has been redesigned to provide access to all of your device’s ports.

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