Leather Restorer Quick Coat to get a fresh look to your car


Using Detailer Plastic/Leather Restorer Quick Coat, you may bring back the elegance of the inside of your vehicle. This solution has been developed using a formulation that is specifically tailored to clean, condition, and preserve leather and plastic surfaces. Because it dries rapidly and does not leave behind any residue, the inside of your vehicle will appear as good as new.

In addition, Quick Coat is a perfect solution for repairing and preserving fragile surfaces such as suede, vinyl, and other similar materials. With the help of Detailer Plastic/Leather Restorer Quick Coat, you can keep your automobile looking as good as new.

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For Indian Users:   https://amzn.to/3P4u0Yh

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Features of Leather Restorer Quick Coat

Restore & Maintain Shine: Deeply nourishing and restorative for vinyl, rubber, and plastic as it penetrates to their cores. On tires, dashboards, door panels, bumper trim, windshield cowls, rubber tire sidewalls, grilles, grates, side mirrors, and many other surfaces, refined cream produces a high shine that lasts for a long time, is non-greasy and dry to the touch, and has a rich appearance.

Protect Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastic from Fading and Cracking Refined cream not only repairs but also protects vinyl, rubber, and plastic from the fading and cracking that may be caused by UV rays. Specialty UV blockers function similarly to sunscreen in that they protect delicate automotive components from the damaging effects of the sun’s rays, which include fading, cracking, and bleaching.

Formulation that is Non-Greasy and Based on Water: Using this water-based treatment, you may give vinyl, rubber, plastic, and tires an interior or exterior deep wet appearance that is non-greasy and will endure for an extended period of time. Application that is quick and uncomplicated, with no sling required and no mess

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