Ice ball maker is a 2-in-1ice mold.


The ice ball maker is essentially a two-in-one ice mold. The water can be extracted from it, and then some beautiful ice balls can be made with it.

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Features of ice ball cube maker

TWO DIFFERENT FUNCTIONS: Our ice cube kettle is not just an ice cube trays, but also a water bottle that you can freeze your beverages in and transport out for a nice sipping experience. This ice cube kettle is a 2 in 1 product.
INVENTION PATENTED PRODUCT This hermetically sealed ice ball maker mold was intended to ensure that the ice balls do not collect any other odors from the refrigerator.
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EASY FOR CLEANING: Take apart the ice cube tray so that it may be cleaned more easily. These ice cube trays for the freezer come complete with lids and are designed to be thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher. Resistance to temperatures of up to one hundred degrees. »»DO NOT ABSORB SMELL: This ice tray prevents users from having to contact the ice with their bare hands, even while serving, and it does not take on the smell of the refrigerator or freezer where it is stored. BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO GET ICE BALLS, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU ALLOW THE ICE BALL MAKER BOTTLE TO COOL AT ROOM TEMPERATURE FOR FIVE MINUTES AFTER YOU REMOVE IT FROM THE REFRIGERATOR. AFTER THAT, YOU SHOULD PRESS DOWN ON THE BOTTLE BODY TO BREAK THE ICE, THEN OPEN THE LID, You may successfully obtain the ice by following these three extremely critical procedures.