How To Use Whatsapp View Once Feature

How To Use Whatsapp View Once Feature [Whatsapp Tricks]


WhatsApp has released a new feature that is very useful for its users and expected for several days. 

When you send a photo or video to someone, as soon as they open it, it will be deleted.

The View Once Feature is available to both Android and iOS users. 

Not only does it disappear as soon as you open a photo or video, it is also not stored anywhere in the phone’s memory. 

WhatsApp has taken hundreds of billions of users’ chat privacy to another level.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WhatsApp View Once Feature

This View Once Feature has its own set of advantages and some disadvantages. 

One of the most interesting aspects of the new feature is that as soon as you open a chat, it disappears from the chatbox. 

This chat or photo of it is nowhere saved on the phone and you can’t even forward it to someone else.

Not all photos or videos that we view are really important. Most of the photos and videos we tend to delete immediately once we watch it. View Once Feature is very convenient in such cases.

Consider an example

For example – you go to an ATM to remove money. But. You forgot the password. Then call your spouse or family and ask them to write a password on paper and send a picture. 

Thus the image you have is only for the moment. You never know what might happen if a thief snatches your phone at the same moment and has an ATM pin on it. 

Therefore such images or information should not be stored on the phone for any reason. The View Once facility is very convenient in such cases

Beware of those who take a screenshot!

Be careful when using this View Once Feature though. WhatsApp itself has warned about this. 

The company said it was only appropriate to send such View Once messages to those you trust completely. 

This is because users can take a screenshot or record a screen while viewing the message. This is not blocked by AAP. 

You can also capture the image of the message from another camera and send it to someone else.

Whatever .. View Once Feature is for you. Don’t worry if you are thinking about how to use it, we have covered it for you.

WhatsApp View Once Photo, Video Sending Step-By-Step Guide

To use the View Once a feature, first update the WhatsApp from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

– Then open their chat window to decide who to send the message to.

– Now after selecting the image or video, a small circle appears in the dialog box which is written as 1 digit.

Clicking on this number option will activate the View Once Feature.

– After the message is sent, select the message and swipe right.

-When swiping to right another window will open. Here you can see whether the message you sent is open or viewed.

This feature also works in group messaging.

-Groups View Once the message has been sent, swipe right to see which members of the group have opened it or seen it.

This feature can be deactivated by pressing again 1 digit in the circle.

If you don’t open the View Once message for 14 days, the media in it will remain intact. However, after 14 days the photo or video will be deleted.

View Once messages are end-to-end encryption, like all of WhatsApp’s messages. WhatsApp guarantees that the company will not see it.

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