How to safeguard your smartphone?

How to safeguard your smartphone? [Some Tricks]


In this online era, almost all major activities, including banking, personal messaging and transactions, are done through smartphones. 

So, if our phone is not secure, we are not even safe. However, these hackers are always waiting to deceive the masses. 

Once alerted, your bank account will be emptied or your information is stolen.

So, we have to be smart in this smartphone world. Everyone should know what to do or not to do for the safety of our smartphones. 

Otherwise, cybercriminals could easily steal all of our information using our mistakes. So, what are some mistakes we are making in this smartphone world? 

In this article, we will learn what it takes to be safe.

The first option to break fraud by hackers is to keep passwords easy for any online account. 

And don’t save social media passwords, including your bank password, credit card PIN number, online or offline. 

If you have this warning, you are safe in the smartphone world. This will be the first of the most effective ways.

Secondly, you should only install the apps from the official Google Play Store or the iOS App Store, even if you download any mobile apps. 

This is because unauthorized mobile apps are more likely to steal information on your phone and sell it to cybercriminals. 

If you are using an Android-based smartphone, always disable the Unknown Sources option.

It is ok to download apps from official play stores? However, before installing any app, read the ratings and reviews given to that app by other users. 

The words of those who had trouble getting installed can help you. Also, frequently update the apps that you download. It also helps keep you safe.

These are the 3 major steps you can take to safeguard your smartphone.

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