How to protect your Twitter account from hackers

Twitter Account: How to protect your Twitter account from hackers?


Hackers’ eyes are constantly on the Twitter account of celebrities and celebrities, and on the accounts of Facebook, other social sites, and the website. 

The hack of the account is also seen as money laundering, pornography, nonsense posting and cybercriminal activity. 

The best way to keep it safe is to use Twitter or any other social networking account.  So be careful with account security and learn how to protect your Twitter account from hackers.

2 Step Verification

It provides additional security to your account. This feature is very useful when Twitter is logging in from an external device that is not yours. 

In More Settings on Your Twitter Account, turn on the Privacy-Two Settings-Security-Two Factor Authentication.

Login Verification

Enable login verification, not just password. This is a security feature where you can access your Twitter account. 

Now you will only be able to login if you have your password and mobile phone.

Update the browser

Update your app and browser periodically. The new update includes security features. Thus it is important to update.

E-mail Check

Make a habit of observing an e-mail with @ address on your Twitter account. Don’t neglect to look at e-mail. 

E-mail related to the security of your account may also come from time to time. So don’t miss it.

Password Alert

Do not create an easy password in any case, just create a complex password with at least 10 digits, numbers, symbols, and characters. 

It is not advisable to use a password, name of a loved one, phone number, e-mail ID, home, and place.

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