How To Enable Dark Mode On The Whatsapp Web?

How Can You Enable Dark Mode On The Whatsapp Web?


Most people are unaware that WhatsApp has introduced the Dark Mood option on its desktop, allowing video calls and audio calls to connect with friends and family, text, audio files, documents, current and live location, and send and receive documents. 

WhatsApp has been updating its users with new features, scanning QR codes, and adding the long-awaited dark mode feature to the desktop application.

The WhatsApp desktop version works the same as the mobile version. Web versions can also send and receive texts, send voice chats, and view the status of their contacts. But there is no chance of video and audio calling. 

Now there is a new Dark Mode feature for WhatsApp users who use the web. This changes the WhatsApp theme from white to black. Dark mode on the web can be easily changed in just a few steps.

Open WhatsApp Web on your PC or Laptop to enable Dark Mode on the WhatsApp Web. If you’re not logged in, use your smartphone to scan QR code on your laptop / computer to sign in to WhatsApp. 

Then tap the three-dot icons that appear next to your profile pic and click the Settings option. There you will see a theme called Theme. 

Clicking on the theme option has the option to apply the dark mode. If given to it, the dark mode will be activated.

Similarly, if WhatsApp’s files do not need to be auto-downloaded, open your WhatsApp and select the three-dotted menu that appears on the top right. 

There the settings option appears in the options. Now click on Settings and select ‘Storage and Data’ option. 

Then click on the Media Auto-Download button which appears when using mobile data. If you click this, the Downloads option will appear.

Clicking on when using mobile data option will show you which files to download in your mobile data. 

You have four options – Photo, Audio, Video, Document – in front of all these checkboxes. 

You can select the checkbox on any of these files which you want to be auto-downloaded. No files need to be downloaded. Leave the check box blank.!

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