How to Delete Auto Saved Passwords in Chrome

How to Delete Auto Saved Passwords in Google Chrome?


Most people have no hesitation in automating their passwords on Google Chrome, whether it’s a smartphone or a desktop. 

This isn’t even a problem as Google Chrome is a trusted search engine. But what if you accidentally save it in a browser cafe shop or another device?

If you leave your Google account and it gives chance to someone else is log in to your account, isn’t it?

As you may have seen, the Chrome browser asks you to save your password when logging into a website when using Google Chrome. 

If you click Yes, the password of that website will be saved in Chrome. Doing so is not a good idea. While this is the case for the individual, we fear the safety of Chrome.

As such, it is advisable to be cautious before allowing the auto password to be saved on our own computer or smartphone as well. 

Or be safer if not saved.! So, here’s how to delete passwords that you have allowed to auto save in Chrome.

To Delete Passwords Saved Passwords in Chrome Click the three striped menu button on the right side of the Chrome Bowser. 

Then click Settings at the bottom, you will see the Passwords option that appears in the first layer after opening the settings. 

Here is the list of the password you saved, such as website, username and password. Click the eye icon to know the password you want to see.

As soon as the eye icon is clicked, it asks for a computer login password. If provided, you will be able to know the password saved in Chrome even if your registrations are lost. 

Then, to delete passwords saved in Auto Password, click on the menu on the right side of the password and delete the password. 

When you update the password the chrome browser will ask if you want to update the password in chrome. Please update if you want.

So this was the simple process to delete the auto-saved passwords in chrome.

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