How to Clean Your iPad Screen

How to Clean Your iPad Screen Without any damage?


Here are some ways to protect the iPad screen from any damage. The following is an article about which material to use for cleaning the iPad.

You have just bought a new iPad and have noticed that its screen is messy after using it for a few days. Fingerprint stains, dust, grease, and so on can be a bit annoying, isn’t it?

But cleaning the iPad is very easy. We are here for you.

Don’t make these mistakes when cleaning the iPad screen

Even if your iPad is a very sophisticated piece of technology, it is extremely sensitive. If not handled properly, there is a risk of breakage or damage. 

Thus it must be used with great care.

Do not use aerosol, bleach or abrasives to clean the iPad.

Do not spray any cleaner solutions directly on the screen.

It is not advisable to constantly plug in or turn on.

Do not use abrasives such as paper towels.

IPad Screen Cleaning Procedure

– First remove your iPad charger and turn it off.

– Now lint-free microfiber cloth (Lint-free cloth microfiber cloth is available at Amazon and other online shopping stores.) Slowly circle the iPad screen. 

The iPad screen is greasy-resistant, and it cleans quickly when wiped with a cloth.

If necessary, wet the microfiber cloth with soaked water or wet with 70% isopropyl alcohol. 

The wet cloth should only wipe the hard and non-porous surface of the iPad. The clothes should be wet and no solution should be poured directly on the screen.

– Screen polished with a dry microfiber cloth will keep your iPad completely clean if wiped with a damp cloth.

Not following a proper procedure to clean your iPad might result in damaging your screen.

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