Hand Saw Tools Woodworking or outdoor camping


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Features of Hand Saw Tool

3 SIDED RAZOR TEETH FOR EFFICIENT CUTTING: The 10 inch blade is perfect for cutting branches with a diameter of 5″ to 6″, ranging from small to medium.
CO-Molded handle that is both comfortable and ergonomically designed: Offers a pleasant and secure hold for long periods of usage
A BLADE THAT IS EASILY LOCKED AND PREVENTS INJURY WHEN IT IS NOT BEING USED: Replaceable, curved, and taper-ground folding blades are all available.
IMPULSE HARDENED TEETH FOR LONG SERVICE LIFE: IMPULSE HARDENED TEETH Increases the durability of the instrument from season to season UP TO 6 TEETH PER INCH AND CURVED BLADE DESIGN FOR FASTER CUTTING: In comparison to a conventional saw, this one makes cleaner and faster cuts.