Foldable Washing Machips for easy wash


Foldable Washing Machips With Dryer Bucket for Socks or Underwear!

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Features of Foldable Washing Machips

The capacity of this folding washing machine is 2 kilograms, which is equivalent to 4.41 pounds. Ideal for washing delicate goods that need to be cleaned in a separate manner, such as baby clothing, underwear, towels, socks, T-shirts, tank tops, toys, and other tiny objects.
The high-frequency vibrations used by the collapsible washing machine tiny folding washer efficiently clean filth without leaving behind residue or allergens. This helps the machine save energy. conservation of resources, including water and power, as well as preservation of the natural environment
DESIGN THAT CAN BE FOLDED The Pure Clean foldable laundry tub washing machine has a foldable and portable bucket type design for convenience in terms of storage. While it is not being used. Can be stored simply either below the bed or the stool, and will not take up a lot of room in your home.

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The bucket washing machine folds up into a small size of 11.64 inches by 11.64 inches by 6.4 inches (H x W x D) so that it can be easily carried out and used to wash clothes in a practical manner outside. Ideal for camping, traveling, going on business trips, living in flats, and dormitories

EASY TO USE: This pop up washing machine comes with a semi-automatic cleaning function and a timer knob with a 15-minute countdown that resets itself once the cycle is over.

How to use

Place the items that need to be cleaned into the washing bucket, and after that, add the required quantity of detergent to the bucket. Pour in the required quantity of water (the water should fully cover the clothing, and it is preferable for the level of the water to be higher than the garments for around 3–5 centimeters), and mix well.
After you have secured the cover plate onto the tub, activated the washer timer, and set it to the “15-minute” setting, the machine will start operating on its own automatically. When the software has completed, the timer will reset by itself, and the machine will go into an inactive state.
Bring the dirty garments into the open.
Ensure that the adapter is disconnected from both the washing machine and the socket. To remove the water from the washing machine, use the most effective drainage technique that you are comfortable with. Clear the Machine’s Cache