Surprise your Friends or Relatives with this Floating desk lamp


Floating Desk Lamp Creativity, don’t you know that to create the finest story you need creativity? This magnetic levitation desk lamp may assist you, brighten up your workspace, and erase any resistance you may have to putting pen to paper.

This exquisitely designed little desk light is also an aesthetic treasure, so please take care not to damage it in any way. Office accessories, such as a replacement in the office etiquette when it comes to life, so that people become more acquainted with, and feel more at ease with, their surroundings.

The ideal lighting for an office has to be understated, like minimalist design, which is appropriate for both men and women who have just joined the working world and are either self-conscious or have fresh ideas.

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Features of Floating desk lamp

Utilize a process called magnetic levitation, and float about while automatically spinning in the air. freely, without the need for support or touch; there is no need for wires or batteries

WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION: Lightbulb is powered by the air through induction, and on/off control is provided by a touch button.

The idea of an attractive and decorative lamp is very wonderful. Very elegant and one-of-a-kind ornamentation for the interior of your home, workplace, conference room, auditorium, cafeteria, and guesthouse; it has one-of-a-kind visual effects.

Easy to Use: To begin, place the base in the horizontal position and turn the power on. Next, hold the bulb vertically above the center of the base. After that, you may slowly and gently let go of the bulb to cause it to levitate smoothly.

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