Door Lever Lock for bedroom’s without lock!


Door Lever Lock is an Excellent choice for bedrooms that do not have locks.

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Features of Door Lever Lock

Your doors may be childproofed in seconds by just peeling and sticking this door handle lock. Because it has a strong adhesive, a child will not be able to remove it. This door handle lock was created to suit most handles and has a relatively easy installation.

Simply removing the lock, which is simple for an adult to operate but challenging for a kid, will suffice when your youngster has outgrown the necessity for these safety features on your doors. If there is any glue left behind, all you need to do is use alcohol or another solution designed to remove adhesive.

Protect your children by preventing them from entering locations that might put them in harm’s way by using our safety door handle child proof lever lock. This kid lock for door lever handle is a dependable front door baby lock, child proof door handle, childproof door lever lock, and baby lever handle lock. Other names for it include child proof door lever lock.

Door handle lever with a safety lock
This infant door lock is intended to prevent damage to walls and furniture, making it an ideal choice for homes with young children. The majority of lever handle styles may be accommodated by our baby locks for doors and kid proof locks for doors.

Powerful 3M adhesive allows you to quickly and easily attach the lever for the kid safe door lock. The installation of our baby-proof door knobs does not need the use of any equipment.
Our child safety door lock for kids has an anti-lock out technology that provides complete peace of mind for grown-ups in addition to safety and comfort for young children. This kid door lock lever cannot be locked or unlocked by anybody except an adult.

Adult supervision is required to press the release button located on both sides of the lever. Using just one hand to do this task is not difficult at all. A child’s hand is much smaller than yours, which means that they won’t be able to unlock the lock.

When compared to the designs of other locks now available for purchase, this one is a significant advancement. Pushing only one button is all that is needed to operate them. The door can be opened by toddlers and other young children as long as they are able to press the single button. The majority of children are unable to use our 2-button design.

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