Forget spilling with this Cup Holder Tray for Car 


When you need to eat while you’re on the road and in your vehicle, our Car Food Eating Tray is the perfect solution. It is simple to connect to the majority of the cup holders found inside a vehicle, allowing you to take pleasure in consuming food and beverages while driving.

This movable table includes a 360-degree swivel mechanism that allows you to adjust it exactly for every driver; thus, this adjustable vehicle food tray is ideal for use when driving.

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Features of Cup Holder Tray for Car and how to use

A load-bearing tray that can handle up to 40 pounds and rotates 360 degrees may be detached and attached to the top cup holder. The cup holder tray in a vehicle may be used for a variety of things, including food, snacks, credit cards, keys, the phone, cash, and so on.

In the event that you do not need it, it may be detached, and once disassembled, it transforms into a structure with two cup holders. It is possible to install a mug that has a handle thanks to the U-shaped groove, and the four rubber tabs that are located within the cup serve to support it and prevent it from sliding about.

You may loosen or tighten the grip by twisting the base, which ensures that it is firmly installed on a variety of vehicle cup holders and will not fall off. The adjustable base extends from 2.6 inches to 3.9 inches in diameter, giving it the ability to fit securely on a wide range of car cup holders.

Strong friction is provided by the silicone pad that is located on the expansion component, which contributes to the cup holder extender’s overall stability. The base of the cup holder expander may be expanded to occupy the available space in the console cup holder of a variety of vehicles, including motorbikes, boats, trucks, RVs, and golf carts, among others.

The cup holder expander for cars are designed to fit the majority of car cup holders; however, because the design of a car’s cup holder can vary greatly, the cup holder expander for cars may not be compatible with certain styles of cup holders. These include cup holders that have an unusual shape, are angled sharply, have a cover that flips up or in, or are located in a location where the dashboard hangs over the cup holder.

EASY INSTALLATION – To begin, spin the cup holder expander until the prongs extend and fasten against the cup holder in the vehicle. Next, crank the cup holder expander clockwise to expand it, and rotate it counterclockwise to return its original size.

After that, the tray was dropped into the opening. After you have placed the provided tray pad and coaster in their appropriate locations, the installation is considered to be finished. Simple to put together, take apart, and clean up after use. A cup holder that also has a tray is an ideal present for someone who has a packed schedule and might benefit from more storage space in their vehicle.

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