Chris Burch Net Worth

Chris Burch Net Worth (2022) How Much Christopher Burch Earns In 2022?


J. Christopher Burch is also known as Chris Burch is the founder of a financial consulting firm known as Burch Creative Capital.

Burch Creative Capital is a venture capital firm which was founded in 2008 by Mr. Chris Burch is located in NewYork city, united states.

Chris burch was born on 28th March, 1953 and as of 2022, Chris Burch’s age is 68 years. 

Chris Burch is also the co-founder of the firm named tory burch llc which is a fashion brand.

Chris Burch is born and raised in  Pennsylvania, united states.

Chris Burch business career

Chris Burch wasn’t from a middle class family so he isnt born rich. He made it all by himself.

Chris Burch went to Tilton School and later went to college in 1972 and graduated from Ithaca College.

For almost four decades, Chris Burch has been an active investor in a variety of businesses.

Christopher Burch has Invested in a number of local and foreign real estate projects, including a collaboration with architect Philippe Stark.

Chris Burch had a good amount of stake in his wife’s business Tory Burch LLC. He had around 28% stake in the business which he sold in 2012 for $650 million which eventually made him a billionaire.

Chris Burch has started several firms, sold several firms for millions of dollars and invested in numerous businesses which made him a self-made billionaire.

Chris Burch has made 18 personal investments in some of the top companies and very recently in 2021 he had invested $127 million in cerebral.

Chris Burch net worth 2022

As of 2022,  Chris Burch net worth is estimated to be around $2 billion. All his money comes from his investments, his companies and other financial activities.

Chris Burch personal life

Chris Burch has been very successful in his business career and in his investments. But his personal life wasnt that great because he got divorced from his wife in 2007. He also has 6 childrens.

Chris  Burch says that he was a lousy student. He couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t read, and was at the bottom of his class in elementary school.

His parents were informed that he had a wandering mind and that their aspirations for his future is tempered.

His father forced him to work in construction after school and throughout the summer while he was in junior high school. So you see, growing up wasnt easy for Mr. Chris Burch.

When Chris Burch was in college  he was  in tune with how to make money. Chris ran the hot dogs at the football games and sold trips to Bermuda with his close friend Bruce Colley.

Chris had also sold sweaters door-to-door on college campuses and local areas.

Thoughts on Chris Burch

Chris Burch says that sometimes investments is all about people and sometimes its all about the product. Chris Burch has come a long way from his struggling childhood to where he is now. 

Like many other successful entrepreneurs, Chris Burch is a great example of never give up and keep going until you achieve it.


Who is Chris Burch?

Chris Burch is an investor and founder and co-founder of many companies

Where does Chris Burch live?

Currently Chris Burch lives in new york city

How did Chris Burch become a billionaire?

By selling his stake of 28% in tory burch llc and also investing smartly im various companies.

How old is Chris Burch?

At present, Chris Burch is 68 years old

Who is the founder of C wonder?

Chris Burch is also the founder of the company named which is a fashion retail brand founded in 2011

Does Chris Burch have a girlfriend?

After divorce, Chris Burch hhas dated several women but as of 2022 he is single.

How costly is Chris Burch’s Hamptons house?

Chris Burch, had spent a $29 million on Hamptons ‘vacation home which shows Chris Burch has a very good net worth

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