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These Natural Catnip Cat Wall Stick-on Ball Toy Treats are sure to liven up any game time spent with your feline friend. Your furry buddy will be captivated for hours on end by these amusing toys because to the built-in supply of enticing catnip that is included in the package. Because the ball can be turned inside out, it offers your cat two distinct surfaces on which it may scratch and play.

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Features and how to use this Cat Wall Stick on Ball Toy

Pure and Risk-Free Material consists of only naturally occurring ingredients, has a natural taste, has no additional artificial ingredients, and is both safe and palatable for cats.

Variety of Flavors: Cat nip, silver vine, and gall fruit are the three flavors that have the most appeal to cats. Cats also like the fragrance of gall fruit.

Special design: it is in the form of a fish, which is a popular choice among feline fans; it can be adhered to any flat surface at your discretion. The dust cover will prevent dust and flavor loss; however, you will need to remove the cap in order to feed your cats. The treat dispenser can rotate a full 360 degrees.

It is a hilarious catnip wall ball toy to play with, but it also gives additional advantages, such as helping the cats clean their teeth, promoting digestion, making them spit up hairballs, and increasing their hunger. This toy has several uses and is multifunctional. It ensures that cats will never get bored, and because they will be playing with it, they will also receive plenty of physical activity.

It is not suggested to use this product on kittens less than three months old or on pregnant cats. It is recommended that you play no more than three to four times each month, because to the potential for addiction.

There is no cause for alarm since it is natural for cats to get excited and to drool and sneeze. Catnip is liked by sixty percent of cats, gall fruit is appealing to eighty percent of cats, and a tiny percentage of cats have no interest in any of these things; thus, buyers should use caution.

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