The Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter is a rotating 360 degree swivel design


The Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter has a design that allows it to rotate and swivel through a full 360 degrees and accommodate a wide range of cup diameters.

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It is practical and versatile, and it enlarges the space available in the cup holder of your automobile. At its largest aspect, the design of the cup holder that rotates 360 degrees fits into most automotive cup holders. Strong metal structure that has been CNC machined for years of reliable service.


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Features of Car Cup Holder Expander Adapter

There is a version of the adapter available with a regular length as well as a variant with a long base. It’s possible that the long base version will fit more firmly in the cup holders of your car if they are deep or recessed. In order to choose which version will serve your needs best, kindly consult the fast selection guide that can be found in the product images.
EXTENDABLE BASE: The insert has a diameter range of 2.6 inches to 3.8 inches, making it compatible with a wide variety of cupholders used in automobiles. Simply turn the adapter’s cap clockwise or counterclockwise to extend or contract the base. In addition to that, it is an excellent choice for golf carts, motorbikes, boats, RVs, and vehicles. The adapter will not fall out of your cup holder thanks to the extra-thick pads that we’ve included on the extending base.
RUBBER TABS SECURELY HOLD 2.8″-3.85″ DIAMETER BOTTLES: The bottles may be inserted into and removed from the adapter with ease thanks to the tabs, which are crafted from a special, confidential substance. When you remove the bottle to take a drink, the adaptor will remain securely in place inside the cup holder of your vehicle thanks to this feature.
BOTTOM (BASE) CAN BE OFFSET WITH A SINGLE ADJUSTMENT BOLT: The adapter can then be positioned so that it will not block the adjacent cup holder, two adapters can be used side by side, and the adapter can still work in situations where a center console lid, emergency brake, dash, or lid covering the car’s cup holders would normally prevent the adapter from fitting properly. Two adapters can be used side by side.