Big Dhamaka Movie Download Link

Big Dhamaka Movie Download Link


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Big Dhamaka Movie Download Link

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About Big Dhamaka Movie:

Fans of South Indian actor Ravi Teja’s film “Big dhamaka” are eagerly waiting for its release. The film’s release is imminent, but for now, its teaser has been released. The teaser is filled with action, and you’ll get to see Ravi Teja’s fight scene. In this teaser of the film, we see Ravi Teja beating up the enemies.

“Big dhamaka” teaser release:

As soon as the teaser of “Big Blast” begins, we see Ravi Teja saying, “If I see a villain in you, you’ll see a hero in me.” His humorous delivery adds to the tone of the film. Just like the beginning dialogue, the final dialogue is also equally powerful, “Okey, let’s shoot the bullets. It’s as bright as Diwali.” From the teaser, it looks like this will be a full-on entertainer film.

Ravi Teja’s action avatar will blow your mind:

Directed by Trinath Rao Nakkina, the film “Big Blast” is ready to hit theaters by December this year. Shraddha Srinath will be seen as the lead actress in the film. Produced by People Media Factory and Abhishek Agarwal Arts, Tiji Vishwaprasad has presented it grandly under the banner of “Tigi World Pty Ltd.”

In addition to Ravi Teja, Sudheer Varma’s Telugu action drama “Ravanasur” will also feature Ravi Teja as the lead actor. The film will also feature Sushant Akkineni. In addition, Ravi Teja is also working on his another film “Tiger Naageshwar Rao Row.” Directed by Vamsi, this film will be centered in a village called “Startpuram” in the 1970s.