Keep your canned drinks cold and frosty with this Beverage Jacket 


With the help of this Beverage Jacket Can Cooler, you can ensure that your canned beverages remain very cold. Insulated neoprene is used in the construction of the Beverage Jacket, which ensures that your beverages will remain ice cold for several hours.

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Features of Beverage Jacket Insulated Can Cooler

KEEPS DRINKS COLD: Rejoice, those of you who like drinking cold drinks! This can cooler has two layers of thermal insulation, so even your last drink will be just as refreshingly chilly as the first.
FITS 12 OZ CANS & BOTTLES: Be it beer, soda, or bubbly water, Puffin has all of your beverage needs covered, no matter what you choose to imbibe.

THE MOST UNIQUE PRESENT: Demonstrate to those you care about that you are concerned about the drinks they consume. Puffin drinkware is the ideal present for anybody in your circle of friends or family who enjoys a refreshing beverage.

You have earned yourself a refreshing drink, and it only seems sense that it should also look hip. Because there are many color options available, it is possible that you and your beverage may discover a color combination that works well together. They are the definition of a power couple.
People like having a good time by putting their favorite drinks in adorable costumes for social gatherings. If you find a match, you get bonus points.

The zippered fastening and the breathable, comfy fabric make it simple to put on and take off. The fabric is also simple to clean. The Beverage Jacket is designed to accommodate the majority of regular cans and has a tight fit that will keep your beverages icy and frosty for the duration of the day.