The 25 Best Free Blog Sites [FREE BLOG SITES LIST]

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Today I am going to share with you the best free blog sites. Nowadays, in this modern world the free blog sites are playing the major role in promoting the business.

The blog designing sites are more famous and very effective in creating a good website for the users. The sites will also work according to their clients own well and wish.


If you are looking for the best blogging platform for free. Here are the 25 Best Free Blog Sites to start a own blog or website.

The WordPress is one of the most popular Best Free Blog Sites, which is suitable for all the platforms. Even if you are a blogger or photographer, you can write or show your portfolio her with more quality.

The is the most well-known free blog sites which is related to google, so it is a trusted one and also reliable.

Here step by step processes are used to create a site. You can also purchase template from outside website also.

When comes to images, visuals, music and videos, the tumblr site is the best to display. You can also update your profile in this site at anytime you want. Here there are lot of creative ways are available to display your site.

In order to view your site in a fresh look, you can go for the weebly. Here lot of modern and unique themes are used to create your blog. It is also offering the ecommerce which is an iPhone app to stay connected with social media.

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For the professional environment, the webs site is more useful for creating your blog more professionally. This site is also based on the feature of ecommerce in order to sell the product.

The squarespace is the costliest option in creating the blog, but it will deliver the best results than you ever expected. It will work on modern, creative and also in a professional way. It is also suitable for store owners, photographers, musicians, bloggers, business owners and many.

Here you can receive your expected domain name with the upgraded premium package. It is the best free blog sites where you can choose more attractive themes.

The main motive of this free blogs sites is to make the viewer to get a feel of story listening. It is founded in 2012, which is related to twitter, so it is the trustworthy site.

The penzu site is most loved and famous because of the flexibility features. This is a kind of journal blogs where one can able to sign up to start the process with this. There types f journals, are daily diary, expressive journal and the travel journal.

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Wix is one of the best free blog sites, which has very unique looking and the professional looking templates which can easily customize the blog in a different and the unique way.

It is one of the best blog sites, which can provide their client with their privacy settings. Here around 15 million members are there worldwide which is used to share the interest on the blogs.

Use the livejournal blog sites to create a free blog for the journals. They will publish the journal through the blogs in an effective way with their efficient skills. They will attract the user with the effective design of the journal blogs.

Here you can create a free blog sites with their easy to use website builder technique within a minutes. You can able to choose a particular design, and then there you can upload the images and with you can add some text then within a minute your website will get ready.

In the bravenet almost 15 million members are available. Here the blogging websites are created in an effective manner with the easy website builder. Here the unlimited email accounts and the web hosting also available.

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In order to increase your sales in the business you can get the help of the zoho blog sites. By making a blog in zoho site will increase the quality of your businesses and then it also helpful in step up the productivities. It will also manage your blog activities regularly.

Within a few minutes here you can create the professional websites. Basically they are easy to use, publish everywhere, customize your site, premium features, powerful and flexible, custom domains, website reporting, and customer support. All the major benefits are available in this blogs.

Tripod is the best blog maker, which is suitable for all the small business which is focussing the customer who needs the professional look. It is also suitable for mobile where the website layout will be used as the optimized site.

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It is the best site which will clearly describe about how to start a blog and it is the place which is used to build the wiki-based website. Here you can share the documents, publish the contents, interact with friends and much more.

Here you can make your own blog which are based on creating a rich pages based on the media topics. You can create the blog in depth with the true information.

It is basically a free website builder which is offering an enormous amount of tools and the features. They are also user friendly and timely tested free blog websites. To turn your ideas into reality, you can use the full code control.

The skyrock is one of the blogs to create a website based on the photography’s. They will add amazing photograph in the site with the user knowledge.

Creating your website is made easy with the ecommerce service. The website creator of SiteW is specially meant for those who want to create their ecommerce store and to make themselves known.

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It is basically a news website which is useful for the other users to gain the knowledge by those site.

This site is 100% for free, google optimized and also using without any coding skills.

Soup is a tumblelog, a super-easy blog that can do more than just text like post links, quotes, videos, audio, files, reviews and events.

I hope you like this information on free blogging sites list. If you find there are any other free blogging platforms available for free, you think we need to include in this list, please let us know using this contact form we’ll try to include them in the next update. If you’ve anything to else to add and remove from this list, please let us know in the comments below.

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