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Top 6 Best Dictation Apps to watch out in 2022

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Sometimes writing a dictation by listening to the audio can be very frustrating, monotonous and time-consuming job. Ask someone who is writing a dictation and he will tell you how much he hates his job and if the dictation is big then it’s like the cherry on the cake.

In this modern world, Science has blessed us with many modern facilities and has lesser the practical work needed to be done nowadays. Technology has entered every field in every market.

By the use of technology writing a dictation has become very simple task. There are many dictation apps available in the market in which all you have to do is speak and the application will type automatically and your dictation will be in your hand as soon as you stop consuming. It has taken out the frustration and time wasted out of the dictation job.

There are many exciting new application developments for Android devices, Which applications form Dictation Apps,  As you can use for dictation. Here I have listed are the best and most using dictation app in the world.

iTalk Recorder – iTalk Recorder provides you the best sound quality and comes with very simple user interface.

You can use this to record any message and can hear that recording anytime you want. Moreover you can even synchronize your recordings with iTunes.

Pocket Dictate – Pocket Dictate is very easy to use. All you have to do is press the button and start speaking and it will automatically record everything for you.

It saves your recording in ‘.wav’ format, which enables you to send it to your friends or to whomever you want.

Vlingo – Vlingo comes with an additional option of synchronizing your recordings with social networking profiles. You can simply record your dictation and then can link it with your Facebook, Twitter account with ease.

iTranslate – Don’t want to record your dictation in the language you are speaking? Use iTranslate. iTranslate gives you an option to record your dictation in any language known. It automatically converts your text to the language you have selected and then records it.

iRecorder Pro – iRecorder Pro also produces clear and crisps sound to make sure that your recordings are of utmost quality without any unwanted noise.

It also has a SmartSplit feature, which splits large files into multiple smaller files for easy sending through email.

Audio Memos – One thing that sets Audio Memos apart from the others and above others is the sound quality.

Your recordings will be heard loud and clear so you do not miss any important words or phrases. It is very easy to use and has no set limit on the recording length.

Using these dictation applications you will find that dictation is no more a boring, frustrating and time-consuming job. Because of this dictation apps has become a matter of minutes now and as they say every minute saved is a dollar earned.

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