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The 12 Best Chromecast Apps for Android and iOS

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Hello Friends, Today I am going to share with you article on Best Chromecast Apps.  Nowadays Chromecast is one of the best small pieces of hardware that plug into your TV’s HDMI port. 

You can use your Smartphone and Computer as a remote control. If you’ve been using Chromecast device. You can check the following best Chromecast apps for Android and iOS

List Of The Top 12 Chromecast App


BubbleUPnP is an application that allows you to drift your media accurately all over your residence. It’s well-matched with most current game systems, Roku, Chromecast, mobile devices, tablets, and more.

The way it works is to group it up on your device, connect with the Wi-Fi, and then play your stuff on the various Wi-Fi-enabled devices. It also has support for some cloud storage sites and a lot of other features.


The chrome browser is one of the most famous web browsers which are the first applications to get Chromecast support.

This chrome browser acts as one of the best browsers which is providing the user with the most useful information.

If you are having the Chromecast means then you must have the chrome browser. Whatever you are watching in the web browser is the strength for the purpose of casting.


AllCast is the Chromecast-supported apps that was developed particularly to brook your locally stored content in your TV.

It is well-matched with Roku, Apple TV, various game comforts. All you need here is some material on your mobile such as movies or photos and you can straight away start streaming. To your TV screen, this is likely the easiest way to get some stuff from your local storage.


Crunchyroll is the best app that is used to improve the anime streaming process in the android. There are lot of titles are featured which has been updated with in a particular hour for the show airing.

Here you can able to watch the content as free as much as you want. To watch the content without ad, you can buy the subscription.


Google Play Movies and TV is the Google’s app which is used to run the movies and TV shows that you may have purchased or rented on Google Play Store.

It is the chromecast compatible apps used in the particular process of effective ways. There is Chromecast support; therefore you can watch the newly purchased or rented content, directly on your TV.

It’s considered one of the more positive videos streaming experiences on the Chromecast with the only warning being provided that you have to buy into the Google Play ecosystem to use it.


At the initial stage, the main motive of the Chromecast app is to have the setup but recently, the app have been given over the large control across the Chromecast.

Here many setup processes are used which are used to modify the background of the image with the original image that have been provided with art, photos, news and more stuffs.

For managing the settings, this chromecast app can be used also this is the best chromescast apps.


The google play music is one of the best Chromecast applications, which is very useful in entertaining the peoples with its effective features. Here it can support around 50, 000 songs simultaneously.

This is best app which is finding in build on the android devices that are used very effectively. In this you can set the equaliser setting to adjust the hearing setting of your device.

The google play music will also acts as a local music play so one can able to stream the local music to chromecast music.


Hulu Plus is one of the enhanced movie and TV streaming services out there and it is also having Chromecast support.

It shows off a large library of TV shows and movies and it is the one which will show the live running program to the users based on airing. It also has a vigorous supply of older movies and telecast those movies in an efficient way.


iHeartRadio is a streaming service that will operate almost like Pandora. It is the best apps for chromecast that can provide best streaming service.

You can listen to stations which were created by iHeartRadio and there is a selection of original radio stations there you can tune your own station.


Netflix was one of the first apps to have Chromecast support and it remains the streaming service of the choices for many people who prefer the Chromecast app.

It has been continuously updated and improved over the years. Streaming is almost perfect as long as your connection holds out. It’s the streaming choice of many and it’s a great option for Chromecast owners.


Pandora is one of the most appreciated names in list of Chromecast apps and it’s because they’re always on the front of technology.

The music library in Pandora is not big like Spotify or Google Play Music, but it’s accessible, simple to use, and it’s a good way to find out music you haven’t heard till now.


Pocket Casts is the best option when you want to watch TV. It will also support the Chromecast.

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