Best Android launcher apps of 2022

Best Android launcher apps of 2022

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In this modern world, the launcher apps gain more popularity among smartphone users because of its outstanding features.

The striking apps are considered as an integral portion of any Android experience. If you desire to change the look of your home screen, you can download the best launcher app and make the task simpler and quicker.

There are immense numbers of launcher apps available, but everyone has its unique set of features. These multiple choices help people to choose the right one as per their individual requirements. It is important to check all essential details and precise features before choosing any launcher app.

These are the most important considerations that will surely help you to pick the highly appropriate and effective app. If you do not have enough idea regarding the launcher apps, you can visit the right online website, where you can see a list of topmost launcher apps for the android smartphones.

The most reliable internet not only brings effective launcher apps, but also brings you a fantastic chance to get it for free. If you want to know about the free applications, you can watch this following passage carefully.

Here are the topmost free and effective launcher apps for the android smartphones as follows:

Atom Launcher

It is one of the topmost and best launcher apps suitable for app android devices. Moreover, this clean and free app includes an excellent user-interface which is sleek.

Atom Launcher does not include any unwanted ads, so you can utilize it without any hesitation. Along with this, it also brings you lots of customization options and downloadable themes in order to enhance your user experience.

By using this free app, you can develop your theme based on your individual requirements. There are many custom widgets obtainable from this app, making it an overall solution that will truly bring your device a new look.

SF Launcher Classic

This SF Launcher is an ideal choice for people who are seeking for streamlined and fresh user interface. It appears a more similar to Google Now as well as uses cards in order to display widgets and apps that can be easily scrolled aside for fast navigation.

In order to obtain the benefits, you can download the latest version of SF Launcher immediately.

SF Launcher 2

The specially designed launcher app includes lots of new features which make it superior than others.

With Material design, this application compatible with the Android 5.0 Lollipop, offering the similar swiping cards according to the interface which is both fresh and unique.

Though, you may successfully run into the performance issues, freezes and lags.

Buzz Launcher

Are you seeking for the launcher app with superior customization options? Buzz Launcher is an ideal choice for your requirements.

This free application consists of above 800,000 downloadable themes for free. The free launcher app includes simple procedures, so you can use it without any difficulties.

The superior app allows you to create the best homepacks as well as share it with community that is previously quite active.

Hola Launcher

There are several launcher apps are available now, but few of them do not suit your individual requirements. While speaking about Hola launcher, it is an app mostly used on the mid-range or low-range Android devices.

The major highlight of this app is that it never compromise on the features. The unique features bring your lots of useful customization choices including fonts and wallpapers. Along with this, the app also includes its special set of choices includes search function and Hola Box.

Smart Launcher 3

The smart launcher 3 is a well known free launcher application that is regularly updated by the experts as well as continues to enhance in terms of the performance.

While speaking about the resource usage, it is low, but it includes an excellent collection of features. Along with this, you can also easily runt the applications along with gestures when you really want as well as this free is compatible with all theme sets and icon which works with Apex or Nova launcher.

Cheetah Launcher

The Cheetah launcher is a fast and includes huge number of attractive themes user can easily download and apply quickly. The RAM usage level is lower than any other launchers, because Cheetah Launcher does not includes any ads.

C Launcher

It is another efficient and fast launcher app that uses minimum resources as well as offers a fluid and smooth user interface. This has an excellent search feature that grants you to discover all the application installed on the smartphone.

Solo Launcher

The free launcher has many features same as above mentioned apps, so it gets lower place on this wide list.

CM Launcher 3D – Stylish Boost

It is a completely free, secure and fast Android launcher which just takes up one MB of storage during installation, so you can utilize it without any uncertainty.

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