Top Android Apps to Record Your Voice


Considering the on-the-go nature of business, having the ability to quickly and easily record a memo or notes can mean the difference between having and not having your information on hand. Unless you are a radio producer, the days of needing dedicated voice recorders are long behind us. Now nobody buys a voice recorder and a mic to record his or her voice. It can all be done with the super invention which fits in your pocket called mobile.

All mobiles are fitted with a mic and as a result you can record your own voice by pressing a single button. Mobiles have built in microphone which is perfectly acceptable for private use in listening back on interviews, meetings, lectures, or random musings. And they even tend to do alright nowadays with music at concerts. But to get a good quality audio recording you still have to get your hands a bit inside. There are many applications available on the Google Play Store for that. Google play store is filled with video recording applications but you need to download the best one as “The Best One is always better than The Better One”

Android has made many applications available for us on Google play store. All you have to do is download the application. Choosing the best one is now the ultimate task.

Easy Voice Recorder


It is the best one of the lot. It allows you to capture audio in high-quality 16-bit PCM format and can save and export in a variety of common formats. It also supports Bluetooth microphones, software input gain and stereo recording. Easy voice Recorder allows you to do all the fancy stuff and also comes pretty cheap at just 4.99$.

RecForge Pro

RecForge Pro

RecForge Pro is a versatile and powerful audio recorder that includes almost everything you need. It has both manual and automatic gain control, cloud integration, editing, multiple recording formats (mp3, ogg, and WAV) at adjustable quality levels, widgets, notification disabling, playback speed adjustments, multiple languages, and more. RecForge Pro comes at a price of 3.99$.

Voice Pro

Voice Pro

Voice Pro doesn’t come cheap but it packs a punch. It is the most complete audio recording application available on Google Play Store. It can record in just about any modern audio format, mix multiple tracks together, remove vocals, adjust input gain in real time, import from YouTube, and do lots of other things. Voice Pro is priced at 13.21$.

Audio Evolution Mobile

Audio Evolution Mobile

At a price of 7.49$ if we’re arguing about the most full-featured and powerful audio recorder on Android, my money’s on Audio Evolution Mobile. Apart from all the features it also has USB audio interfaces.

Smart Voice Recorder


Smart Voice Recorder comes free of cost although if you don’t want to see the advertisements, you have to pay 1$. It has all the functions capable for basic recordings but if you are going for some fancy stuff I won’t bet my money on it.

All That Recorder

All That Recorder

Much like most of the other apps on this list, All That Recorder has headset monitoring, auto gain control, timers, and multiple recording format options like mp3, WAV, 3GP/AMR etc. It has a stamp of 4.12$ on it.

By installing any of these applications on your mobile and using them to record the audio am sure you will get the same or much better quality than what you get from a separate mic and voice recorder. Moreover, these applications do come at a very cheap price than that of microphone and a voice recorder. So if you want to record open Google play store, download the app and start recording.

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