Best Top 8 Free Useful SEO Tools You Should Not Miss – 2016

SEO has become an important part of any website today, be it big or small. Search engines have become the new yellow pages who gives search results for pretty much anything that one needs. So for that result if you have any information to provide or just get traffic to your website, it is always beneficial to rank higher on the search engine results and that is only going to happen if you do not have any competition, or if you have better content in general or else if you have got SEO done. So to get the right SEO done, you will need some tools and hence we have got for you 8 free SEO tools that you should use and not miss at all.

Here I have listed some of the 08 best free seo tools with their advantages and believe that it would help in making detailed analysis and search engine friendly suggestions for website improvement.


List Of Best Top 08 Free SEO Tools – 2016

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a tool that has to be on top of your list because here is where you get all the information that Google collects for you like the users who visited your site, their search preferences, the time they spend online and for what purposes and search mostly for what, etc. This way you can get to know your audiences better and hence provide them content accordingly that will get you a lot more hits.

2. Google Webmaster:

Handling a website is a tough task and hence webmaster is something that can come handy. It helps you build and manage your site properly and also keep you updated regularly on what is needed to be done on it to keep it working properly and efficiently. It will help you make your site responsive, fast and most importantly help you make the site a lot efficient overall.

3. Keyword Planner:

When you do SEO, keywords are very important as they are the ones which people search and get you all the traffic. So with keyword planner you can target keywords properly and plan your actions accordingly to get the best results from you SEO. If you get your keyword target wrong, then you have the chance to miss the bus completely, so the best option is to not miss the bus and get on it right the first time and Keyword Planner helps a lot here.

4. Bing Webmaster Tools:

Google tools will help you getting your site up on Google search results, but nowadays people have started using Bing search as well which has made it important to get Bing webmaster tools as well to get you on top of Bing search results as well.

5. Screaming Frog:

It is a wonderful piece of software that you can locally install on your system. What it does it, it has the SEO algorithm pre-programmed into it, so when you create your webpage, you can run this program and the screaming frog spider will crawl over your demo page and tell you how well SEO optimized it all and what result to expect for it from the search engines.

6. GTmetrix:

GTmetrix is a great site optimizer and performance analyzer software. With this you can easily check out how responsive your site is and hence how the user could feel interacting with the site. The slower and less responsive the site, the lesser traffic it will attract. So this tool helps take care of that.

7. Google Trends:

When some topic is searched by a lot of people at the same time, it becomes a trend as people are eagerly following it a lot. This is why if you happen to get in that trend and people like it, then you can know what kind of content you should provide to the users out there. So using Google Trends will actually give you the insight in what the users are looking for right now and accordingly you can get it to them.

8. SEO Quake Toolbar:

This is a very simple and useful toolbar available for almost all browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. The functioning of the toolbar is very simple. Whenever you browse any site, the toolbar will relay you information about that site like Google Index, Alexa ranking, page performance, optimization levels, keyword density and everything else that comes along with it. This can be the website of your competitor or even yours for that matter which can be very helpful in knowing what you are dealing with out in the real world and where you stand against it all. Most importantly it gives the parameters of all the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and Yandex.

So if you want to stay ahead of the competition, it is important to have SEO and what better than to have some great free tools to help you at it? Hence you can use all the tools mentioned in the list above and get an upper hand on your competitor with a much better ease.

2 thoughts on “Best Top 8 Free Useful SEO Tools You Should Not Miss – 2016

  • April 29, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    Pretty cool list Srinivasan! Do you think that prices of SEO tools will decrease in future? Most of them are a bit too high right now.

    • May 4, 2016 at 7:03 pm

      Hi Nikolay Stoyanov,

      I am very glad you liked my post. I’ve listed most of the SEO Tools for Free.


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