Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Movies Online Without Downloading

Watching online movie today has not become that big a deal. Everyone has an internet connection that they use to access movies and TV shows online. And now even many hosting sites are making TV streaming possible. Apart from that one can watch free online movies no download hassles at all. So check out our list of free movie streaming websites where you can spend time watching movies on stream.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2015 for Watch Movies Online

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Amazon Prime:

Amazon has always been the best market place for a long time. Earlier it was for eBooks, then for online shopping and now Amazon has also ventured into providing online movies. The only advantage here is that among all this the best part is the movies part is completely free to watch which a good thing that Amazon is doing is. A good way to provide free content to get in users and increase their brand value overall in the market. The quality of movies is available in HD and the updates are also pretty regular. A good to use interface surely helps as well. So it is on top of our best online movie streaming sites.

Solar Movie:

A site with a huge database of movies that one would get exhausted of. It is one of the top movie sites of all times and even today being a very old site has been able to keep up its reputation. The secret lies in the working of the site where they do not host any of the videos, but rather holds links of the third party sites where you are navigated. That means there are way too many links for a single title ranging all the way from HD to smaller resolution. The links work perfectly and it is only a matter of time for you to get used to the website.


They are one of the oldest sites to get you free movies and TV shows and that too absolutely free; no strings attached. They have a lot of links per title and have been up since quite a long time having passed the test of time. They used to have some other domain before which was stolen from them, so they ended with the new domain and are flourishing well.


With over 60000 titles on the site, it has one of the largest databases of them all. And if you thought going through it all would be a tough job, then think again. With endless scrolling, you can get what you want on the home page itself, and then there is also the smart search option that allows you to search via all the parameters like genre, year, actor, etc.


The best part about this site is the frequency with which it gets updated like a dream. Expect your latest titles to be available on this site sooner than before. The only thing holding it back is the quirky way it is designed but still all in all it is a good site to check out.


Sadly this site does not have TV content, but if you are on the lookout for only movies then this is a wonderful site for you to check out. They have a huge collection of popular movies and it is updated quite frequently as well. There are multiple links on the site so in case you happen to encounter one that does not work, and then you always have options available on hand.


The updating process of the site is quite sleek with all the latest movies being made available ASAP. There are also multiple links made available, but sometimes many a links do not happen to work and there is no way to convey the issues, so one has to keep going on a wild goose chase to check out a link that actually works. This can be a bit of a time consuming process but once you find a link, it is all well.

Film Club:

The only issue with this site is, it is not available in English, so you might have to take some help of your Google Chrome Translate option to translate the website to English. Apart from that the designing of the site is top notch and really cool to use. Every movie title is showcased with a large thumbnail which makes it easy to spot the movie you are looking for. And if the Google Translate fails to work, you can simply click on “Gledaj film” to watch the movie.


If you get tired of the usual movies and are on the lookout for some cool TV content, you can check out Tube+ (pronounced Tubeplus). You can check out your favorite episodes of the shows you like the most at the click of a button. The site gets updated daily with the new releases of the day and it is like candy land for a TV fan.


Yes, it should have had been on the top of the list, but it is not because it is not exactly a free site. Yes you can watch movies for free on this site, but there are only limited titles to choose from. The rest of the content is paid content. So unless you are fine with checking out only some titles but in the best quality, this is one site to have bookmarked.

So here is out list of the best online movie streaming sites. There is no better way than access free streaming websites and check out lovely movies without the hassles of downloading them on your computer. These free movie websites even work on mobiles now to watching movies on stream on the go is also possible now. Hence for the best movie and TV stream without downloading, check out our list above of the best online movie streaming sites and have the joy of watching online movie.

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