Top 10 Best Android Hacking Apps

The best operating system for network hacking and system penetration is LINUX. We can find many hacking apps for your android device, as it is a LINUX based mobile OS. This article is about the android hacking apps available for android platform, which will help you to make your device into hacking set-up.


This post will enlighten your knowledge about the best hacking apps for android. In this modern age, we have all the access from your mobile phone. We can do almost everything, which was earlier limited to the computers. Not only using basic software, but also some hacking and penetration tests can be carried out with the help of an android phone. There are many good applications which will make your work easy, and smooth. Network and system analysts will find these applications very important and useful.

These android hacking apps are useful and they are available for all the latest versions of android smart phones. You need a moderate hardware and OS compatibility to run them. These are also called as android hacking applications. You can get hacker app for android

Download Best Android Hacking Apps for Android Smartphone

Wi-Fi Kill

In one Wi-Fi network, many devices can connect as per the allowance. By using this application, you can disable other devices connected to an established Wi-Fi network. You can download this application easily. After installing it, you can remove any device connected to a Wi-Fi network. This application will work on those devices which are rooted. If you don’t have information about android rooting, get prepared about it before using this application.

Wi-Fi Inspect

If someone is trying to attach their device in your Wi-Fi network, you can know about them using this app. You can monitor their IP address, the device details and the connectivity status. This will help you to save your unwanted connections.

DroidSqli Android App

You can find the vulnerable websites using this best android hacking application. The websites with weak security are vulnerable to be hacked. You can use this application to hack these websites.

NMAP for Android

NMAP tools are a major part of hacking for those using PC. Programs like backtrack and kali need these tools for their functionality. This app is available for your android device also. Now scan the systems with open ports and explore their details easily.

Shark for Root

As the name suggest, this hacking apps of android will work with the help of Wireshark software. This application helps you to scan and read the dump files from Wi-Fi sniffing tool for android. This app will make you collect and find the data utilized over a Wi-Fi network. After you have collected the data, you will need Wireshark software to read it out.

Install Backtrek on Android Mobile

It is a well known fact, that Backtrack is very useful tool for android for network security and finding vulnerable networks. This hacking OS can be downloaded for android devices mobile for better access to the hacking area.

Fing Networks Tools

This app may seem like the other Wi-Fi inspection apps, but it is slightly different. Whole of the network can be scanned using this application for android devices smart phone. This is a free app and best feature about it is that it is totally ads free. Many important information like open network details, connected devices, their IP addresses and Mac details can be viewed using these apps for android.

ZAnti Penetration Testing and Android Hacking Toolkit

This is a very effective security best android hacking app for the Wi-Fi networks. All the major security settings and tolls for Wi-Fi network can be found out using this app. This app is most popular and very successful hacking apps for android for Wi-Fi network security and hacking.


Well, the best an app can do. It helps you to find hidden Wi-Fi networks around you. Many smart users hide their Wi-Fi connection and make the settings in such a way that you will not be able to view them. This app lets you check out the hidden and weak Wi-Fi signals in your area. Not only the signals, you can also deal with many related details associated with them.

WPS Connect

Well, one more classic for hacking apps of the Wi-Fi passwords of secure connections. Many Wi-Fi networks are closed, and they need a password to get connected with. This Wi-Fi hacking app will let you connect and use the Wi-Fi networks which are password protected. There are different security modules for Wi-Fi network. This app will work for only those networks which have WPS security. This app will let you access WPS security mode protected Wi-Fi networks, by using key routers available with it. Now you can easily bypass the security of Wi-Fi networks and use unlimited internet for your android mobile smart phone.

All these apps for android should not be used for any mischievous or wrong activity. These applications are for authentic and educational use only. One must always have a moral mentality and honest mindset.

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