Download The Amazing Spiderman 2 for PC and Laptop (Windows 7/XP/8, 8.1/10)

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 full game free pc

Many people are huge fans of Spiderman and why would they not be; it is a wonderful comic book character and later turned up on screen into cartoons and movies as well. Today there are over 4 movies and now there are even games which are very much into its second iteration that is The Amazing Spiderman 2. After the initial success of the first one, the developers came up with the second iteration of the game which is based on the movie, The Amazing Spiderman.

The game received so much of popularity, people started to demand the game being made for the big screen, that is for PC. So the developers took heed of this and developed a PC version for the game. The PC version is available to purchase off the shelves in many of the stores near you, but then once does not always buy games today, right? So just follow the guide here so that you can download the amazing Spiderman 2 pc game on your laptop or pc windows xp or higher operating system version.

Just a note before we begin, the amazing Spiderman 2 pc system requirements are as follows:

  1. Inter Core 2 Duo processor or equivalent
  2. Pc Windows XP and above
  3. 3GB RAM
  4. 512MB Graphic card (not needed in case of i5 processor or above)
  5. Disk Space 9GB

How To Download and Install THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2 for PC

Now there are many sources for one to download the amazing Spiderman 2 pc game for free. The best sources I have found till date are the torrent sites. Yes it is kind of illegal to use them, and you might be living in regions without torrent availability, but then for all those times you always have many proxy sites you can use to go through. But if that all does not work then there are many other hosting sites which allow you to download games and software for free. You could tap into those resources.

If you prefer going for cracked versions, then you can find them easily on many torrent sites like, and many other top torrent sites. Crack games are better as they are complete with licenses which make sure you get to play the game without any hindrances at all.

Now coming to Spiderman 2 pc game free download, you can use torrents to download as mentioned above. The download should be done soon depending upon your internet connection and speed. In case of a metered connection, keep a watch on the download if you happen to be using a pay as you use type internet connection. In that case it would be cheaper for you to actually buy the game from the store.

How To Download and Install THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2 for PC

The steps for the game download and install are as follows:

  1. Search and download the setup and game files from the internet.
  2. In case of a slow connection, go out for a walk, it is good for the body.
  3. When the download is complete, it is time to install the game.
  4. Run the setup file in the folder.
  5. In case you downloaded an ISO, you can burn the game to a DVD or else use Daemon Tools to extract the ISO on a virtual drive and access it.
  6. After the setup is run, it will take you through all the steps needed to install the game.
  7. Just keep clicking next until it is complete.
  8. Voila! The game is now installed on your system. Time to rock and roll.

amazing spider man 2 for pc download

One small disclaimer here. One might experience that the installer might be asking you to install some additional software which it claims will make your PC faster and safer to use. Do not believe any of it and install the software at any cost, they will stay in your system and use up your resources and render your system slow.

So now that the game is installed, it is time to play the game. The amazing Spiderman 2 pc gameplay is pretty simple and easy to get used to. It is to be played using mouse and keyboard and uses most of the conventional controls which most of the games use. The only thing more important to take care here is in case you are using the laptop keyboard and touchpad on it, there is a chance you won’t be able to play the game that fluently and also the excess gaming demands of the game can also reduce the life of your keyboard by quite a lot.

So just keep in mind the basics and make sure your PC is powered enough and using the latest updates and software versions and you should be golden to play the amazing Spiderman 2. We are sure you will like the game and in case you come across any other issues while trying to download the amazing Spiderman 2 pc game, feel free to hit us in the comments and we will get back to you.

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