How To Speed Up Google Chrome

how to speed up google chrome faster

Google Chrome: 10 Simple Ways To Speed Up Your Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the top rated and most used internet browser out there. Then be it on the PC or on mobile, Google Chrome is the browser people go for. Even you at home when you get a new PC, you use internet explorer to download Google Chrome and after that there is no looking back at all. The reason for this is because Google Chrome is possibly the fastest internet browser out there using the latest codes and tech out there in the browsing world. This also coupled with regular updates of the browser make it a much better browser than any other browser out there today.

But even with all this Google Chrome does have its knicks and knacks and most importantly it Is one browser which has a the capability to go faster than what it is today and this is exactly what we are going to be checking out today right here. So some simple tips to speed up Google Chrome are as follows:

1. Do Not Have Background tasks

Apart from your computer, Google Chrome also has its own task manager where you can manage all the background tasks in Chrome. So always check out for it and make sure the task manager is running as light as possible so that Chrome can work to its full efficiency and manage resources properly as they could get wasted easily.

2. Clear Browsing History Regularly

It has become more of a necessity nowadays due to some other reason, but Google Chrome surely does store a lot of your browsing history. So clearing it out regularly goes a long way toMake Google Chrome Fastbecause then in that case the resources are not spent managing the history and the extra data which can run into even GBs sometimes.

3. Disable Plugins Not In Use

Google Chrome has a wonderful feature of many plugins which makes browsing a lot simpler in Chrome, but the same plugins also render the browser slower than before. So unless you have any plugin which you absolutely cannot live without and need it all the time, you can simply disable the plugin temporarily and not even have to remove it to make sure your Chrome is working as fast as it can and also Google Chrome Download Faster.

4. Remove Web Apps Not In Use

Web apps was a smart thing by Google but ended up making Chrome a bit slower, so if you are done using a web app and do not plan to use it anytime again in the foreseeable future, then  it is mostly a very good idea to get rid of it so that Chrome can work faster.

5. Enable Prefetch Resources

Enabling the pre-fetcher will change your browsing in more than one ways. You will not have to wait for Google to give results as with pre-fetcher it starts giving you results as you start typing just like that. This way you save up a lot of time and most of the times the solution is also provided right there so that you do not even have to take the pains of visiting the website and checking out the solution. This can be found in the advanced settings menu

6. Enable Maximum Tiles

Chrome currently provides 8 tiles by default on the home screen, this result in you having to type the web address if the site you want is not featured in the given tiles provided. So the best and simple solution is the increase the maximum number of tiles which can be increased all the way up to 512 tiles at a time. This can get a bit messy for some, but it is actually a good way to go as finding something is just a scroll away. You can enable this by going into flags and clicking on enable and choosing the number you want.

7. Enable More Raster Threads

Google has its own algorithm when it comes to loading images on the webpage.  This is the raster thread; you can increase the number of raster threads to decrease the time it takes to load images which will allow Google Chrome Download Faster. The only down thing to this is your data will be used up at a more rapid pace than ever before. SO you need to be wary of that. You can get this in the flags where you can choose from 1-4 threads.

8. Disable Developer Mode

Disabling developer mode makes sure many settings do not work which makes Chrome go faster overall.

9. Do Not Run Multiple Iterations of the browser

Working multiple iterations causes load on the computer making Chrome slow, the best way is to use any many tabs as you want in the same window.

10. Keep Chrome Up To Date

Chrome generally updates itself, but for some reason if yours doesn’t then do make sure Google Chrome is always updated for the best browsing experience and speed.

So here are some simple tips to speed up your Google Chrome experience by quite a lot. The simple tricks are easily to execute and is the quickest way to go about making Google Chrome the fastest and best internet browser.

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