How To Play PS3 Games On Your PC/Laptop

PS3 Games on PC/Laptop: Sony invented the Play Station back in the day and with not much competition to it, became the leading gaming console in the market. Earlier there used to be the regular cartridge games which ran 2D effects. But with the PlayStation, suddenly computer like gaming became a possibility with better graphics and ultimate controls, thanks to the modern day technology. And it is not just that but also the better hardware and the complete hardware dedication for gaming gave better prospects of gaming for the PlayStation.

Later there were the Wii from Nintendo and even Microsoft got the XBOX to take over the console gaming market, but still till today, PlayStation is not something anyone has been able to beat. They still rule the console gaming market by a large margin and they have the unmatched collection of games available for them. Later on there were upgrades to the console which got us the PlayStation 2 and also the PlayStation 3. Among all of them, the third iteration of the console hit the sweet spot with the customers as it had the best performance figures and newer controls; and not just that but also the new games with much better graphics that gave a realistic feel which was pretty much unmatched.

Now the only thing with gaming consoles is, after all said and done, one has to agree that they are really expensive. It is not something that one can just buy outright without much thought. So in light of that, many gamers who are on a budget crunch started looking for options for being able to play the PlayStation games, specifically to play PS3 games on your PC. Nowadays even the computers are getting very much powerful; hence they can handle graphics intensive games with the use of Graphic drivers and support cards. But even after all that the ultimate question remains.

How do you play PS3 games on your PC?

There is a solution to this question, and it is PlayStation Emulator. Just like there are virtual machines on PC to run multiple operating systems, the same way there are emulators of PlayStation allowing you to play games meant for the console, on your PC. So anyone can now download the emulator and play the PlayStation games on their PC without any issues whatsoever. The best part is they do not even have to worry about any issues like controls because PlayStation controls come with Laptop or PC compatibility via USB; so nothing to worry about of the keyboard getting busted due to excess gaming.

How to download the PlayStation Emulator?

You can find quite some Emulators online, but one of the best that we have encountered is PSeMu3. It is by far the best PS3 Emulator out there and runs without any hiccups or errors at all. Follow the steps given below to download and install the PSeMu3 on your PC, Laptop.

Step 1 : You can download the emulator from the official site of PSeMu3, Click Here

Step 2 : The download should be done soon depending on your internet speeds.

Step 3 : After the download of the setup file is done, you just have to run the file and the installer will take care of the rest.


Step 4 : Once the installation is done, you can check out that an executable icon is created on your desktop, double click on it to run.

Step 5 : This will take the PSeMu3 to the bios setup. Just grant the permissions that it asks for and once the bios setup is done, then your emulator will not give you anymore issues and run absolutely fluently.

Following the given steps above, you can easily install your emulator which will help you run and play PS3 games on your PC. After the emulator is done, it is time to get the games. Sadly sometimes PS3 DVDs or Blu-ray discs do not run on the computer due to incompatibility of format issues. In such a case you can always download the games using certain other methods. You can get direct downloads from hosting sites or torrents is the best bet. So following are the steps to download and play PS3 games on your PC.

Download PS3 Games for PC or Laptop Windows and Mac

how to ps3-emulator-download

Step 1 : Downloading the game from torrent is just like downloading a movie or anything else. Just check out the compatibility in the torrent description before downloading else you will end up spending data and time for no good reason.

Step 2 : The download should be done soon depending on your network speeds and the seeds available for the torrent.

Step 3 : Once the ISO file of the game is downloaded, you can then run the emulator.

Step 4 : In the emulator, Go on OPEN and then LOAD; then select the ISO file you want and then the Emulator will load the ISO.

Step 5 : It will then read the ISO and you can start playing your game with ease.

By following the above steps, you can easily play PS3 games on your PC without any hindrance. So share your experience with us below in the comments section and stay tuned for more.

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  • June 13, 2016 at 8:39 am

    can we buy a cd and play it as an emulator?

  • June 25, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    Is there any way i can play multiplayer from my pc with my freinds on ps3..?
    Literally, any possibility… i ll do it…


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