03 Actionable Techniques You Can Use Whatsapp Free for Life Time – 100% working methods

Whatsapp Free for Life Time: At present, almost every person has a smart phone and they also use Whatsapp to share messages, audio files, videos and images. Whatsapp is one of the most popular messengers it is designed for the Android phones, windows phone and iPhone. Whatsapp messenger is not free to use for your lifetime.  Whatsapp is the widely used messenger that helps to share a lot; even it is the best choices over other methods. Whatsapp is the most popular message sharing choices that created for send unlimited messages, whatsapp is not only help to send unlimited messages, it is also includes some unique features, first of all it has advanced user interface that offer ultimate comfort to the user. The only drawback is associated with the whatsapp is you can get the whatsapp free trial for the limited time only, obviously it will be available free for 1 year only, then you need to pay some amount of money to activate this service, but now you can easily make the Whatsapp free for your lifetime by following the simple procedure and tricks.  It is also applicable for the people who are using Whatsapp for personal computer.

how to download whatsapp on pc

As every people know whenever they install Whatsapp they enjoys lot first of all it is the money saving way to share messages. After completion of the trial period you have chances to get Whatsapp without availing any paid subscription. Recently Whatsapp Announced the free lifetime services so every people use this messenger free.  If you wish to make your Whatsapp service is free throughout the lifetime you need to pay attention on some important factors. In order to enjoy the facility to need to understand the tricky method, even it is the ideal way to update whatsapp.  If you interested to use your Whatsapp for free and want to extend the Whatsapp trial period then follow the below mentioned steps,

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Follow the 03 Simple Steps to Make Whatsapp Free for Life Time

In order to enjoy Whatsapp for free you may follow any of the below mentioned steps, this help to make Whatsapp life time free.

Technique 1:

  • At first you may install whatsapp on your android device.
  • Then open your whatsapp after that you may go to the settings, after that choose the account option after that choose the Delete My Account option.
  • You no need to get panic about this process; it is the very first step to make your whatsapp free for your lifetime.
  • After hitting on the delete my Account option your whatsapp asks for your mobile number, so enter the respective whatsapp mobile number. After entering the mobile number your may click on the Delete my account button. Finally you have deleted your whatsapp account successfully.
  • Now you may start to create a new account for your whatsapp messenger, you should follow the same procedure to create the new whatsapp account as you did for your previous whatsapp account creation.
  • After creating the new whatsapp account, you should make sure about the expiry date of your newly created whatsapp account.
  • In order to check the free trial period of your whatsapp, you may click the settings option then go to the account then check the Payment Info. Here you can see your trail period, and the period will be increased slightly. WhatsApp is Now Free For Lifetime, so you can easily enjoy the feature without spending any money. It is the simplest method to make whatsapp free for your lifetime.

Technique 2:

If you are using whatsapp then you also follow the below mentioned tips to make whatsapp for free throughout your lifetime. Along with this you can easily check your current subscription time period by following the below mentioned tips.

  • When your trail period is finished you may uninstall your whatsapp.
  • After that create a new Gmail account, and then you may go to the Play Store.
  • At top right, you may click on the settings options then click the account settings option
  • Then you may replace your valid email id with a newly created account. After replacing the new account id you may download whatsapp from the play store.
  • You may follow these steps for every year when your account gets expired. It is one of the simplest methods to enjoy free whatsapp lifetime options; even you no need to follow any complicated steps to use whatsapp for free.

Technique 3:

It is the simplest trick to make Whatsapp free for life time,

  • At first you may delete the whatsapp from your android or iphone device.
  • After deleting whatsapp from your device you may install whatsapp in your apple gadget, at the same time you must make sure whatsapp whether whatsapp is previously installed or not on this device.
  • After confirmation you may open whatsapp in iOS device then you may register your account with the respective mobile number. Even you should make sure to confirm the registration.
  • Then install whatsapp on the iOS at the same time you may verify this application with your phone number, if you install whatsapp then you will receive confirmation message. After you may check whether your whatsapp is working or not, once you complete this process you will receive maximum ten years of free subscription and now you can remove whatsapp from that iPhone, then you will install whatsapp in any device such as windows, android, blackberry and may other. It is the finest choices for the whatsapp lifetime hack, if you use this method you can enjoy lot.
  • Now you have free whatsapp lifetime subscription on the device.

These are some of the important techniques to use Whatsapp for your lifetime for free, unlike other techniques, technique one is the best option to enjoy Whatsapp free for life time because it is highly convenience over others rather than you need to follow the simple steps to use Whatsapp. Obviously Whatsapp is the best messenger app, so you may try these tricks to make Whatsapp free.

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