How To Extend Battery Life On Laptop

Laptops have one big thing going for them other than their compact size and that is the battery pack. This makes laptops usable even when there is no power available. But sadly that is only possible when the battery is charged. Once it is out and exhausted, there is nothing one can do about it. Hence for that reason the best way to go about things is to look at either getting an extra battery replacementfor long battery life or else trying somehow to increase the battery life on the laptop. Now increasing is not really possible, so extension should do for now. So in this article we are going to cover ways to maintain laptop battery life.

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8 Tips for Longer Laptop Battery Life

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1. Brightness

One of the biggest battery users is your display. So it is always better to keep a check on the amount of battery it is using at all times. The more the brightness of the display, the greater amount of battery it will consume. So make sure that when you are working on the laptop, reduce the brightness which is comfortable for you and also not too dark for you to see as well. This will help in reducing the strain on your eyes as well and even help preserve laptop battery life which will make the laptop last even more.

2. Use Of Heavy Apps

Playing games on the laptop when you know you want to make the battery last would be foolishness. So try and not to use any heavy and battery draining programs unless you have no other choice. This will go a long way in conserving the battery allowing you to get the most in productivity out of your laptop and maintain laptop battery life.

3. Charging The Battery Properly

We do not charge the battery of the laptop properly most of the times. We either keep it charging all night causing the battery to overcharge and deteriorate or else we do not let the battery charge completely. This leads to improper charging not letting the battery complete its usual charging cyclefor long battery life. This way the battery becomes unable to attain full charge overall starts loosing capability to hold charge in it leading to its downfall and ultimately losing its charge holding capacity completely.

4. Putting The Laptop To Hibernate

We all know the hassles of shutting down a computer and starting it again and hence having to open all the programs again. But what if there was a way to keep your programs open and still save battery? If you hibernate your laptop, it simply shuts down, but it keeps your entire RAM on the C Drive. So when the laptop starts again, the entire RAM data is restored keeping all your open work open and you are able to resume from the point you last left it. This effectively leads to an increase battery life.

5. Use Power Saver Mode

Generally, the laptop is on Balanced mode which means the power is used as per how the apps and programs demand it. But when you use the Power Saver mode, your laptop does not allow complete battery operation and skimps on it. This might make your computer work a little slower, but you can be sure that with extend battery life, your laptop will last about 1.5 times than what it usually used to last.

6. Remove Apps From Background

Background apps keep churning all the time without us knowing and this uses processing power which needs power and all that comes from your battery eventually. So for that reason the best way to go about it is to close the background apps else close the process trees altogether. This will preserve laptop battery lifeand your laptop will easily last for over 30 minutes with this small tweak.

7. Do Not Keep Unused Devices Connected

Storage devices or input devices like Mouse and Keyboard or Thumb drives or Hard Drives work from the power which they obtain from your laptop. So if you keep any of them connected to your system and not using them, they will continuously keep drawing power from your battery and drain it away. So remove them to maximize battery life.

8. Disconnect Unwanted Ports

This is pretty much the last resort because it means going into the motherboard section of the laptop. The excess USB ports or your CD drive of your laptop which you rarely ever use still get power when connected. So disconnecting them from their driver will make sure no power reaches them and hence help save a lot of power for you.

The above are the best methods to save and maximize the laptop battery life by quite a lot. There are many other software tweaks as well who claim to increase battery life, but they do not really work at all. Battery power is a physical thing and adding extra software can no way work out. So keep the tips provided in mind and we can guarantee to make your laptop last for at least an hour more than usual. That is of course conditional depending on your laptop’s current battery’s health.

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