How To Convert PDF To Word For Free Download Online

One thing about PDF which is advantageous to us is the ability make them read only and not be able to edit them. This makes sure no one can use your data in any ways or even misuse it. But the same thing can come back to bite us as well when we have a PDF but we cannot make any changes to it without getting its original document file. But now there are tools like Free PDF to Word Doc Converter which can convert your PDF files to word format again and too absolutely free. So if you were wondering how to convert PDFs to Word Document, then the answer is right here in the tools that we have as follows.

How to convert a PDF file to Word Document without Software

How to convert a PDF file to Word Document without Software

  • Go to Online converter site in your browser
  • Select your PDF file to convert
  • Email converted file to ( choose your email which need to be send )
  • Click on the converter now button

Here I’ve listed 03 online tools, Which helps convert pdf to word document file.

  1. pftoword (Nitro Software)

This is an online service powered by Nitro Software which allows you to convert pdf to word without software and that too in just three simple steps. All you have to do is to select the PDF file to upload, give your email address to which the word document should be emailed to and click on the convert button. The PDF gets uploaded to their server and the PDF to Word Converter does its thing and later the word document is emailed to you on the email id you had provided. It is a very simple and quick way to get your PDF converted to Word documents and that too online.

  1. pdfonline

This service is another great one and has another advantage that it does not use any of your personal information. All you have to do is simply click on upload a file to convert and select the PDF file you want to convert. The PDF is uploaded, the PDF to Word Converter converts the file and you can then simply download it from the website itself from the link that appears below. This service is good and no nonsense one. You can come and convert the files and that’s all to it without any issues with advertising and clicking on buttons and visiting sites to get it done.

  1. convertonlinefree

This Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is also a good convertor as it does not require any personal data. It is as simple as upload and done. You do not get it as an email or anything so the waiting time is pretty much NIL. One small issue here being the servers of this site are still not capable enough to convert pdf to word without software for files which are over 50MB in size. So if you have a heavy PDF, then you might want to consider using some other conversion service as this one will not even accept the PDF file. But for all the others, the conversion is pretty smooth and the formatting is also exactly the same. One needs to understand that generally the quality of images do take a hit but it is not the case at all here which is an added advantage.

These tools are the best way to get you converted files online free which means there are no useless hassles of downloading a software to get the convertor which one might be using for hardly a couple of times in like ever. So the conversion of files online free is always a better option as it is available anytime on demand too like the downloaded tool and also it does not take up unwanted resources on your computer as well and still gets the work done in the most efficient manner.

Another great thing about these online PDF to Word Converter is the speed with which the files get converted. The back end of all these sites have high powered processors which process and convert the files very quickly and easily which could have taken lot of minutes to convert on your system. Plus it is free of cost. Secondly these online services can covert files of almost pretty much any size. That means from as small as a 10KB file to a 150MB heavy PDF, it is all done in a jiffy so that you save a lot of time and resources in this.

So if you have ever wondered about how to convert PDFs to Word Document, then the answer is given right above. Make sure to get maximum benefit out of the free service and get your work done a lot faster. So now making changes to a project on the go or having to make emergency changes to any important document, these online PDF to Word convertors are here to save the day and make your life a whole lot easier. And being online means they are available pretty much anywhere, anytime and most importantly on any system on the face of the planet.

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