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Voter ID card is really important both as a proof of identity and for the voting process. In the earlier times, applying for voter ID has been a little tougher task. But, the process has turned out to be a simplest process in the recent days. Having a voter ID card is very significant for each Indian Citizen. You are an eligible person to apply for a voter ID card if you are 18 or above. It is a crucial document that anyone should have and to be produced during as a proof of identity whenever necessary. It is also important for many legal documentation in various government offices, however is primarily employed as a valid ticket to vote. Getting a voter card is no more a humdrum and you are also not needed to stand in the long lines due to the launch of online facility. The process becomes uncomplicated and very simple. With these simple procedures, there is no reason of any qualified citizen to not have voter ID.

Apply for New Voter ID Card Online

apply voter id card online

Every one of us knows the importance of casting votes. You can cast your vote only if you have your voter ID with you. If you don’t have one, then you will not be allowed to cast the vote in any election. However, getting Voter ID is really a daunting and time consuming task as you need to visit the government office and stand in the long queue. But there is an alternative solution for this. Yes, you can apply for voter ID over the internet. All you need is to have a computer with internet connection.

A very few of us know that the application for getting voter ID can be submitted online. This method prevents you from visiting the government office and waiting for prolonged time. Within a few clicks of your mouse, you can easily upload the scan copies of relevant documents and photographs, which will be accepted by election commission that carry out the further procedures.

Why Apply Online for Your Voter ID Card?

Firstly, it is highly convenient as well as time saving process to apply election card online. However, there are many other benefits that you can enjoy by registering for your voter ID online. You are likely to escape from the long queues while you directly the office in person to complete the registration process. Hence, you need to waste lot of your precious time. But, if you choose to apply online, you can avoid spending time and effort. You can also check the status of your voter ID and while you apply online, you will receive automatic update of the card status. Moreover, online registration assists you to get your voter card within a very short time, whereas with offline registration, it would take around nine to ten months.

Eligibility of Apply Voter ID Card

The state government has created a separate online portal where you can know about the eligibility, procedure to enroll your name and etc. The citizens who are eighteen years or more than are authoritatively qualified to vote as well as apply for Voter ID. The voter Id is essential for every citizen who wishes to vote. Without Elector Photo ID or Voter Card, the citizens lose their right or independence to Vote. This unwanted process surely affects the development of nation. If you want to improve your nation, you should get a voter card immediately and vote properly.

Registration process

Currently, the online registration option for Voter Id has been launched in every state. The registration procedure is quite simple and easy as well. You can easily and successfully register by following these useful guidelines appeared on the official website. Basic computer skill is enough to begin the procedure of registration. The Election Commission of India has created an intelligible website which helps you to navigate via the portal very easily. In addition, you can also get the entire details available online related to Voter ID and elections.

Apply voter ID online

The voter ID card is also called as election card. Applying for one online is conductive and time saving. Instead of waiting in the long queue, this online registration process has several benefits.

  • One can apply for voters ID wherever and whenever one wants to
  • You can obtain your voters ID card delivered to you at your door step
  • Applying online reduces the duration of receiving your card. Whereas offline registration would consume around nine to ten months, while by registering online it would just take approximately a month to get your new voters ID card.
  • You can check the status of voter ID status online and you are also eligible to obtain automatic updates about the card status.

Step-by-step process for online Voter ID registration

It is a very simple as well as easy process to apply voter ID online. Before applying, you have to check the presence of your name in the Voter’s list. After checking and found your name, you can proceed further. The websites will be different for every state. The websites are designed in a user-friendly manner. The information in the sites is also available in easily-understandable local language of that specific state.

Step 1: First of all, you should visit the official website of election commission. website link:  (National Voter’s Service Portal )

Step 2: Click in the voter ID registration tab, you will find Form 6.

Step 3 : Click on the Form 6 and enter your phone number. Then you need to wait for a few minutes. You will be sent a verification code to your mobile number.

Step 4 : Then you need to enter the verification code that you have received on your mobile and click on the proceed button. You will be taken to the application page where you need to enter the required details.

Step 5 : Here, you need to select the name of your district, state and assembly constituency as well. Then you should enter your full name and surname, gender, place of birth including village and town. It is mandatory to provide Name, Gender and village and town. Of course, you can either leave or fill in the regional language field blank.

Step 6 : Then save it and wait for sometimes. Continue button will display on the screen after a few minutes. You will receive a message within a short time with the notification and User ID. Your application will be saved with unique ID.

Step 7 : After this, you will be provided with a detailed form 6 where you are required to fill in the details including place of birth, name, present address and information of family members who are registered in the specific constituency. Then you should upload your photograph including proof of residence and age.

Step 8: Then you need to click on submit button to complete the application process. You can preview and check your voter id card status by visiting the ECI website. If you have made any mistake or gave wrong information, you can fill in a fresh application available at the official website election commission department.

This method of online registration process for Election card has been considered as a best method for many people. It is especially preferable by those don’t find time amidst their busy work schedule to visit the electoral office and applying, where the process cannot be completed even after making one or two visits. When it comes to online, you can complete the whole process of registration within short amount of time possible.

The representative from the election commission department will visit your home for verifying the information that you have submitted while making registration. You will receive the voter ID card delivered to your home. While in most cases, you are not required to visit the office in person, sometimes you will be called at the office for verification.


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