How Does PayPal Work in India? Simple Guide to Use PayPal

How Paypal Works: Paypal is one of the most excellent and safest platforms, and it helps people to keep their financial information extremely safe. With PayPal, you can save time while shopping online as well as sending money. Along with this, you can obtain more ways in order to easily cover all your payments. If you wish to know about the paypal service in india, you can read this article carefully. The following passage brings you stunning facts about PayPal and its working process. The concept behind this money transferring platform is entire simple because it can utilize the encryption software in order to permit people for making their financial transfers in an easier manner. This simple idea has now turned into the world’s leading methods of internet or online payment. For this reason, most of the people now use Paypal to make their financial transfers in a safe manner. In short, PayPal is an excellent online payment solution that permits businesses and individuals to transfer their funds electronically. Many people use PayPal for certain things, including

  • Sell or purchase services and products
  • Exchange money with someone
  • Receive or make donations
  • Receive or send money for the online auctions

how does paypal work

10 Simple Steps  to Create Your Paypal Account in India:

One can easily send money to another with a mail id, whether they have or not have the PayPal account. In order to get or receive money, though, you must have the valid PayPal accounted linked with that exact mail id. The common PayPal accounts and several financial transactions are really free. If you own a valid PayPal account, you can easily withdraw and add cash in different ways. In addition, you can link your own account with credit cards or bank accounts for entirely direct transactions, such as withdrawing and adding money. The paypal account creation procedure is simple to follow, so you can create your PayPal account easily. There are several ways to create account, but the paypal account sign up online makes the process simpler. If you wish to create the valid and effective Paypal account, you can prefer the right platform. The official website of PayPal is ideal for people who want to get PayPal account as soon as possible. Here are the simple steps to create PayPal account as follow:

Step 1 : Visit the and click on the sign up option.

how to create paypal account

Step 2:  Choose the type of account from business account or personal account and click continue

Step 3 :  Automatically your country name will be selected as India. Enter the required details such as email address and password.

Step 4 :  Click the continue button

Step 5 :  Fill the details accurately.

Step 6 :  After that, you can click ‘agree and create account’ button. You can click it and see the screen will ask for your debit/credit number. You need not to give number here and click the ‘I’ll link my card later’ option.

Step 7 :  Click the “yes skip it” option.

Step 8 :  Your valid paypal account now created. Click on the ‘go to your account’

Step 9 :  You will find a new page where you need to fill some details based on your individual needs

Step 10 :  Finally, you can give your Bank and PAN card details to use your PayPal account.

Benefits Of Transferring Funds Through Paypal

You need not to use credit or debit card in order to open the PayPal account in India. You can provide only the correct details while creating your PayPal account. The accurate details help you to send or receive funds without any hassles. Along with this, you can also make sure that your PAN card name and PayPal account name is same. If you wish to know about how does paypal work for buyers, you can follow this effective guide.  Once the buyer sign up for their PayPal account, they can send & receive funds online. When they send money, they can select to fund their payments from their PayPal account balance, bank account or credit card. Then the recipients are notified through the mail from PayPal that they have successfully received the payment from a buyer. The superior guide also allows you to gather appropriate details regarding how does paypal work for sellers.  The internet sellers who are seeking for the most reliable solution in order to accept funds online will really look at the PayPal as an excellent option.

Use Paypal To Get More Protection

The fund transferring medium permits your customers in order to pay by using credit card. PayPal not only helps you to receive funds easily, but also can the business money. Once your customer pays for any product via PayPal, you will surely receive immediately notification at your mail-id listed on the PayPal account.  PayPal is an excellent online resource that safely stores your cash details. Moreover, it helps you to sell or buy any item online and make payment easily and safely. Therefore, PayPal is the safest way to store all of your card and bank account details, so you can use this amazing fund transferring platform without any hesitation.

2 thoughts on “How Does PayPal Work in India? Simple Guide to Use PayPal

  • March 11, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    Paypal is not good for indian users nor for freelancers .. i had been their business account holder for (5+) years, i had loss of 8-14 K (thousands) + $ (dollars) loss. Mostly chargeback’s on digital goods and virtual freelancing jobs/services.

    And paypal doesn’t comply RBI regulation so banks cant do anything on chargebacks. Believe me or not, it’s none of my business. Just google about paypal facts on forums and etc before making account there..

    Its a ponzi alike scheme for indian users, If you want to get paid from overseas then bank transfer NEFT is your choice, although there is 1 payment gateway i can suggest which is better than paypal but not as much good as i say. But nevermind, i dont want to advertise any sites.

    Google before doing any actions.


  • June 27, 2016 at 8:43 pm

    Has anhone used Auction Essistance for PayPal services?


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