A Newbie’s Guide: How Android Developers can grow with Google Play

Tips for Developers to Achieve Success on Google Play

Google play is the ultimate market place for Android apps and developers are working hard to make their app wave flag at play store. However it is not possible that all the apps being created would hit the floor with grand success. There are certain valid points which makes this happen and here are few:

Perfect App Designing

An app should be designed in such a way that users feel comfortable in usage. The loading time and the instant responses are some other factors that play a better game here. Only if an user find it good in usage then only the app will succeed. On the aspect of effective usage android platform is the apt solution. The ease in handling android app makes it unique and stand alone from the crowd. That too apps that are used for online shopping and all needs a very clear navigation part to make it work simpler.

Apps should be customized for various device

We see a number of smart phones are evolving in market and yes among those Android powered devices has the biggest contribution. Hence the app you are designing should go well with all kind of android devices and the versions in it. A perfect test on this would be the apt solution for this.

Usage of keywords:

Select keywords that clearly describes the app function and use it effectively in the description part. This helps to make your app to be visible for maximum user’s eye. And you should keep it in mind that to use keywords and don’t over use.  This could help you with Google ranking algorithm.

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