Google Maps on Android: 10 Hidden Tips and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About



10 Tips and Tricks for Google Maps on Android

There are hundreds of thousands of Android apps out there. However, by far the most useful application is Google Maps. It’s one of those pieces of technologies that make us think how on earth people could manage back days when the smartphone didn’t exist.

However, even though Google Maps is on any Android device, it doesn’t mean that everybody knows about its complex potential. There are many ways in ways Google Maps can take care of us. The following are the 10 main tips and tricks to make the most of it.

1.     Offline Maps

There are some moments when the Internet is not accessible. This usually happens when we need it the most. However, you can avoid the panic by making sure that you download the map you need before leaving home.

We know that usually beside GPS, Google Maps also needs an Internet connection. However, few know that they can bypass this requirement and turn the smartphone into a GPS unit.

All you have to do is tap the menu on the upper left of Google Maps window and select Offline Areas. Here, you can download any map you want.

However, it is good to know that the reason this app relies more on the Internet than your personal storage is that the maps cover up a lot of space. So, be careful with the number of maps you download.

2.     Become Reachable

There’s no reason anymore to find out what the address is of where you are, write it in a message, and send it to your friends. You can share your location with them directly from Google Maps. Just tap on your location marked with a blue dot, and a red arrow will appear.

You will see that the address from the bottom of the screen is actually your location. Swipe up the address to expand the window, and push the share button. You will see a number of chat apps through which you can send your location to your friends.

3.     Mobile Street View

Sometimes we need a little more information on how to reach a location than street names and maps. In these cases, a view of the neighborhood will help you track the right alley.

To use the street view on your Android, touch the location you want to reach, and the red pin will show. Click the address at the bottom to extend the window, and you will see an image named “Street view.” Tapping this image will launch you in the street view mode.

4.     Easy Zooming

Many users have some trouble zooming in and out on Google Maps. That’s because the two finger move is not sending the right message, and the window ends up showing another location rather than zooming.

However, it is way easier to zoom by tapping twice on the desired location. The map will zoom in a little, but the tricks don’t end here. Tapping twice and keeping your finger on the screen for a second longer, you will activate a scrolling feature. If you scroll down, the map will zoom in, and if you scroll down, the map will zoom down.

5.     Save Locations

Some locations can easily become someone’s favorite places, so it would be a pity not to save down somewhere. Google Maps can do that for you.

Tap on your favorite place, expand the information about it at the bottom of the screen, and you will see a star with “save” underneath. Tap the star and it will turn from blue into golden which means that you just saved your favorite location. You can find the addresses whenever you want by going into themenu and choose Save Places under Your Places.

6.     Multiple destinations


Usually, a route has more than one goal. Maybe youwant to pick up friends from their new apartments or visit the newly open dinner on your way to work. In these cases, the multiple stops feature of Google Maps can come in handy.

The process is really simple. After you enter your final destination on Google Maps, click the three dots on the upper right corner where you will select “Add stop.” After that, enter the stops you want in your way. You can even rearrange the locations with the drag and drop move.

7.      Earn Rewards

Google takes the idea of thecommunity very seriously. It began to reward the users that contribute to the improvement of Google Maps. So, whenever you have time, you can add reviews of the places you visit, add photos of destinations, answer questions about a location, add a missing place or improve information about a place. By collecting enough points, you can participate inexclusive workshops and get 1TB of Google Drive for a year for free.

8.     Find the Nearby Benefits

The big cities are always full of surprises, and you never know what’s around the corner. You may have lived in one neighborhood for quite a few years, but the familiar place can still take you by surprise.

So, it is useful to discover all the perks a certain area has in store for you. Open your Google Maps and tap on the blank search box. You will then see a list of icons with restaurants, coffee shops, ATMs, hospitals, gas stations and several others.By selecting one of these icons, you will see a list of businesses. Each of the entry can lead you to a second page where there is more useful information to help you decide your next destination.

9.     Check Public Transport Timetables

The timetable of public transport will no longer be a mystery to you thanks to this app. After you enter your desired destination, you can click on the blue transportation button and then select the train option. There will appear a window with several public transport options and at which time they will get to the station.

10.  Measure Distances

If you can’t decide if your next location is too far away for a walk or not, you can simply find out the exact distance to your destination. Open Google Maps and make sure the red pin is on your present location. Swipe up the information card at the bottom of the screen. There you will find an option named Measure Distance. Next, you’ll be able to drag a dotted line to your second destination. When swiping up again the bottom information, you will see the exact distance between the two locations.

So, these are the 10 tips and tricks to crack down all the features of Google Maps on Android. These are all handy tips that can save time and efforts.

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