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Download WhatsApp Plus APK: WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most used cross-platform mobile messaging application used by Billions of people across the world. Exchanging the message to others without paying for the SMS is most important. WhatsApp Messenger App can be installed for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia and BlackBerry. Therefore people using these Smartphone could install the WhatsApp Messenger App to gain the texting. Upon the released of whatsapp in 2009, the application become effectively increased to fame and name for its free messaging application. WhatsApp Messenger has been created and developed by Brian Acton and Jan Koum but now this WhatsApp is owned by the Facebook. WhatsApp Messenger also gained more popularity with saving more time in the most excellent manner. More than 400 billion active users are using the advance WhatsApp Messenger.

Download Whatsapp Plus Apk File for Free

Download WhatsApp Plus APK

Why Choose Whatsapp Plus?

Whatsapp Plus becomes the top platform developed by the Rafelete, Spanish developer. The Whatsapp Plus is the 3rd party App that is similar to the original whatsapp. Whatsapp Plus is the modified version of the original Whatsapp Messenger but this App allows the user to hide the online status or read the message without showing the blue tick or hiring the last seen results. Whatsapp Plus offers you wonderful option for customizing the themes and sending large files with the internet connectivity. Changing the user interface and adding more themes are possible in the Whatsapp Plus so that many number of people are using the Whatsapp Plus. New Themes could be installed in the WhatsApp Plus so that they are available for free. More than 700 themes are available in the WhatsApp Plus which would be sorted by name, version, downloads and date. Some of the features of whatsapp plus app are listed below:

Latest Version of Whatsapp Plus Features: 2016

  • Visual themes
  • New emoticons
  • Hide your last connection / status
  • Edit file sharing options
  • Edit appearance and settings of everything
  • Change themes skin
  • High Quality Images
  • Extended size of Videos of 50 MB
  • Change Font Colors
  • Send Your Location
  • Stability

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Whatsapp is seen with the green icon however the whatsapp plus has the blue icon for denoting the updated version of the original. Whatsapp Plus has its own advantage of sending the video file size of 50 MB so that it is quite easier for sending the files appropriately to anyone. Official WhatsApp Messenger allows only sending up to 10 photos but when you are selecting the WhatsApp plus, then it is convenient to send more than 10 photos. Changing the background color of whatsapp is easier so that it gives the wonderful look. The whatsapp plus offers more number of features that includes notifications, chats colour and many more options are available in the most extensive manner. When you are sending a image in the official whatsapp, then it will reduce the quality of the image while receiving them but using the whatsapp plus, it is conveniently to have more number of quality images to a greater size without loss in clarity. Using the Whatsapp Plus, it would be convenient to get the compete new look of the original Whatsapp version so that it would be easier for engaging in the new themes with many number of free services added.

How To Download The Whatsapp Plus

Downloading whatsapp plus apk is a cool process as you can enjoy more features after installing them for sending text, images or videos. Whatsapp plus reborn is available with the anti-ban feature so that the official whatsapp do not block your whatsapp account when you are using them. The whatsapp plus download is quite simple and free so that you can install them anytime on your Smartphone or Tablet. Get all the benefits of downloading the Whatsapp plus Apk file on your device and follow these instructions for downloading the App.

Follow this simple guide to download and install Whatsapp Plus

Step 1 : You need to Download Whatsapp Plus APK

Download:    Whatsapp Plus APK 

Step 2: Transfer Whatsapp Plus Apk in Smartphone or Tablet

Step 3 : Double click the Whatsapp Plus Apk file

Step 4 : Install Whatsapp Plus App using this installation file

Step 5: Requirements for Whatsapp Plus App is Android 4.0 (and above)

Step 6: Go to Settings >> Security, check ‘Unknown Sources’ box

Step 7 : Find the file explorer and go to the folder in downloaded APK on the Smartphone

Step 8 : Tap on whatsapp plus APK file with installation

Step 9: Visit the Google Play store and search for Whatsapp Plus

Step 10 : Install directly from the Google Play store on the Smartphone

Whatsapp Plus could also be installed on the PC or Tablet with the emulator so that it is necessary to install the Emulator on the PC and then install the Whatsapp Plus. When compared to the WhatsApp Messenger, it is convenient to use the WhatsApp Plus App which would be useful for increasing the texting, sending images and many more. WhatsApp Plus also shows the specific users with adding more lengthy status. Free updation of the Whatsapp Plus is possible with more advanced features are enabled in the application. It is convenient to see the status of others and friends with highly advanced chatting.

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I hope you like this information on Whatsapp plus and now you can download whatsapp plus apk latest version and will enjoy it features. If you stock in downloading or install Whatsapp plus messenger apk. Please Just do comment it below I will help you for sure 🙂 Don’t forget to share this post with your friends by sharing on social media websites.


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