How to Download Temple Run 2 for PC – Windows 7,8,10/XP and Mac

Temple Run 2 for PC: People have gone ga-ga over this game, Temple Run 2. The first iteration of the game garnered so much attention and popularity that the developers came out with a second version for the game with added features, better graphics and a newer map and a different monster as well who chases our Indiana Jones lookalike. It is a fun game to play for all with no age bar at all. It is a clean and never ending running game where as much distance you cover the game gets faster and tougher for you to play until you are unable to take it anymore and fail.

With all the goodies and power-ups that you get along the way, you can unlock more characters, buy new goods and increase and upgrade power-ups of your runner to last more distance and eventually try and complete the game by out running the monster completely. But it is very rarely anyone has reached this stage and unless someone is a god when it comes to playing the game, they will not be able to complete the game at all at any time sooner.

temple run 2 free download for pc

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Now what is one thing about this game is that people can play this game only on the small screen since the game is available only on the mobile platform. But in case of those love the feel of the bigger display or else do not possess a mobile device and want to play it on the PC, for them as well, there is a solution available for you all. And that is you can download temple run on your PC or laptop. And yes, I am not kidding about it.

Temple run for PC is now a reality and yes, it is available. So in case you have a windows xp or get a mac download of the game, it I very much possible and it is all made possible by our very good friend the best android emulator available in the market today and that too for free; Bluestacks.

Using Bluestacks you can play temple run on your PC or laptop and best of all it works across all operating systems and including Mac as well. So nothing to worry for Mac users as well since Mac download is also available now.

So to play temple run on your computer, you will first need to download Bluestacks. Now getting Bluestacks is easy because you can get it directly from its official site, it is free to download and causes to fuss at all. It is all simple and requires only a couple of clicks to get going. The real fun begins after the download is done. So after the Bluestacks download all you have to do is follow some simple steps given below to download temple run on your laptop windows.

Download Temple Run 2 for PC – Windows 7,8,10/XP,Mac

Click here Download and Install Bluestacks Offline Installer on your PC


  1. After installing Bluestacks you will have to set it up. You can use your Google account to do that and it will be done quickly and easily.
  2. After the setup is done, you can simply go on the Google Play Store in Bluestacks and search for temple run 2.
  3. After finding out the app, you just have to press install and it will download the game and install it.
  4. Within sometime depending on the internet speed you are on, the app will be downloaded and installed on Bluestacks you are now ready to play temple run on your PC.
  5. The only thing you will have to take care of it that you will have to get accustomed to playing the game with your mouse since it is a touch based game and you will be on a non-touch device and hence even keyboards are on really supported, hence that it that.

Now you have temple run 2 for PC, you can enjoy endless hours of gaming playing and unlocking all the aspects of the game. The best part is that you will not have to be worried about distractions about anyone calling you in between your game play and you getting distracted and loosing. This is one of the biggest advantages of having the game to play on your computer. Plus if you have a low spec phone and a good beefed up computer, you will not experience any of the lags you might have been facing on the phone.

So enjoy playing your temple run 2 on your computer’s big screen and most definitely it will be in high definition, so a lot of clear graphics to play on and enjoy the game to the core. It is lucky for the users of Windows 10 who have this game directly to download on their system, but nothing for us to fret about as well also have Bluestacks the bridge the gap and play the game to out heart’s content.

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