Download Snapchat for PC, Laptop (Windows 7/8/10/XP) Guide

Snapchat has slowly and steadily developed into one of the top most used apps for connecting with people. The reason for that is the unique way in which it allows the users to share images with each other. It is the ultimate way to share images as there is 100% discretion in this case and the peace of mind that one’s images will never be misused in any kind. But then again Snapchat is available only for mobile and using it on the PC is a challenge. Hence we have brought for you a complete tutorial to download Snapchat for PC or computer Windows and use it seamlessly on your big screen device.

Snapchat being a mobile only app, we are going to need a mobile Emulator first to bring the mobile platform on the PC to make sure Snapchat works since the developers have not really made a PC version of the app and hence we are going to using the non-conventional way of doing it. So for that reason and Android Emulator is needed and here you can either get Bluestacks or else YouWave. Both are very good Emulators but Bluestacks is the better one and more preferable, but then again the final decision is with you, the user as to which one suits you the most.

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Snapchat for PC Free Download

After you have downloaded the Emulator from the website and installed it, you will then be going towards downloading and installing Snapchat for PC or computer. Here is where you will need the tutorial to know how it is done, so just simply follow the steps below to download Snapchat for PC or computer Windows.

Download Snapchat for PC/Laptop using Bluestacks Offline Installer

If you haven’t install Bluestacks on your Windows PC,  Tap on   the below mentioned link

Download BlueStacks App Player For PC

  1. After setting up Bluestacks you can go to the Google Store there and search for Snapchat for PC or computer.
  2. Snapchat for PC free download is available from the Google Play so when you find it, simply click on install and Google Play will do the rest to download Snapchat for PC or computer Windows in your Bluestacks.
  3. once the download is done and installed, you can now login into your Snapchat for pc Windows 7 in case you are using that or else on your Mac.
  4. Now that you are done, you can now use all the features of Snapchat for PC.

This is one way of doing things, but if you have some other Emulator which does not have Google Play support, then in that case you can follow the steps given below of Snapchat for pc free download.

Download Snapchat for PC using Apk File

You can download the .apk file for free from loads of sources. So when you download it, install the .apk file

Download Snapchat Apk File

  1. Once  you have snapchat apk file, install it. that is done you just have to setup your Snapchat by logging in and then you are done.
  2. Now you can use all the features of Snapchat for PC on windows 7/8/10

free download Snapchat 7.0.0 with Chat text messaging and Here video calling

These are the two ways in which you can get Snapchat for pc free download. And that is an added advantage that this is a free app to use, so you do not have to pay any amount at all whatsoever. And on top of that it gives 100% privacy to make sure no one can download your images and also misuse them in any way. This advantage is exactly why people use Snapchat and pretty you will be using too.

There are some added advantages of using Snapchat on PC and that is the added features of Snapchat for PC. One of them is the ability to access the entire drive on the PC and use images on the PC to share with friends. There are added advantages of using a mouse and a keyboard to edit and filter images on the PC. And last but not the least you can also use the laptop camera or a webcam to shoot images and share with your friends.

This way you can enjoy Snapchat to the fullest and enjoy all the features of Snapchat for PC. Now you do not have to worry about sharing images with your friends even if you happen to run out of juice on your mobile because Snapchat for PC is here to save you. So nothing to worry now if you have a Windows PC or a Mac, all you need is an Android Emulator and Snapchat for PC and life is a bliss then on.

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