Download Bluestacks App Player for PC – Free (Windows 7/8/10/XP/Mac)

Download Bluestacks for PC: With all the new apps coming on Windows, still no one beat the app store on Android. And yes, it is now possible to use all those apps on your PC as well. Thanks to Bluestacks Android emulator, you can now use the offline installer for PC or Laptop without any more hassles or waiting for the app developers to port the apps to be compatible with Windows.

After the very inception of offline installer Bluestacks, it gained a huge amount of popularity and ended up being one of the most downloaded apps on Windows. Today it still is in quite a lot of demand for this very reason. Though the functionality and UI of the app has evolved quite a lot since its inception, it has become better with Google Play as well as many other app market compatibility.


BlueStacks App Player Installation Requirements

Compatibility wise, Bluestacks is pretty much compatible with all Windows XP, Vista , 7,8,8.1,10 & Mac Operating systems . So even if you are running the latest Windows 10 on your system, you can still use Bluestacks absolutely seamlessly with offline installer for PC or Laptop. Apart from Windows, offline installer Bluestacks is also compatible on iOS as well; so all the Mac users also have a reason to rejoice here.

BlueStacks App Player Availability for PC/Laptop: Mac/Windows – 7/8/10

Now working with a software that is pretty much dependent on the internet for its basic functioning, getting the Bluestacks offline installer should be a tricky task, but with Bluestacks, there is really nothing much to worry about. You can download the installer is available on the official website of Bluestacks itself. So now with this out of the way, there is no more need to be fretting about.

Download Bluestacks Offline Installer Available Sites:

But let’s say just in case the original website goes down, in that case you can even download the Bluestacks offline installer for free from many other third party hosting sites or download sites as well. In case you are on a metered connected and have to be rally stingy on using up your data, then you can get one of your friend to download Bluestacks offline for you and then you can get it installed on your system using it.

Bluestacks offline Installer Size

The Bluestacks offline installer is not that big as well, turning the scale at only 14MB, but for those who are the extra blessed using a really slow internet connection, to download Bluestacks offline the 14MB can turn into an hourly affair. So for them the Bluestacks offline installer can come in handy by borrowing it from a friend.

How Download Bluestacks App Player for PC

So coming to the main topic at hand, how do you download Bluestacks offline? It is actually very simple to get the Bluestacks offline installer. Just follow the given steps below and it will all be easy to download Bluestacks offliner installer for free.


  1. To download Bluestacks offline you can go to and click on the download button to get the installer or simply click here: here
  2. In case you are unable to do that, there are many other sites like filehippo, softonic, softpedia, etc. from where you can Free Download Bluestacks App Player.
  3. After the downloading is done it is time to install Bluestacks, all you have to do is run the program to install Bluestacks and the program will install itself.
  4. Just be sure that if you are downloading it from a third party website then when trying to install Bluestacks there are chances that some other software might also come with the package and get installed on your system. So avoid that, keep an eye out when accepting anything during the installation process.
  5. After the installation is done, you can now run Bluestacks and you are good to go.
  6. It will ask you for setting it up just like your Android phones, but then it hardly takes any time to get done, so you should sail through it with no hassles at all.
  7. There could creep up an issue in installation is your do not have the latest of graphics drivers, but then a simple update there will sort out your issue for good and forever.


Bluestacks Installed Successfully

And so voila! You finally have Bluestacks on your system for you to enjoy. Just make sure to remember to give your location access else it many of the apps do not work that much properly who use the device’s location. Also make sure to keep updating Bluestacks from time to time to keep it functioning smoothly and effectively. After all it is for free for Windows 7/8/XP computers.

So now that we know how to get the Bluestacks Android Emulator on your laptop windows like XP or Mac, you can go ahead and enjoy the world of Android on your Windows and iOS devices without compromising much of the features. You can very much go on and play your favorite games or get your most used apps which you want and make sure never to lose touch with anyone ever again. You can even tell your friends that if they want an Android emulator, they can simply on their PC/Laptop Download Bluestacks Offline Installer.

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