Top 23 Effective Ways to Promote Mobile App for Android and IOS/Windows

There are number of application entrepreneurs who have accomplished a lot in the application world without even spending a penny on advertising their application. There are also entrepreneurs who have grossed million dollars by selling out their application, greatly promoting it for free. Few have made use of the publicity by press and other few produced a lot of buzz on social networks. While some recruited customers manually, others done it through huge customer referrals. It actually does not make any sense to pay dollars as the price of customer acquisition is never lesser than the cost of the application. There are several techniques out there to promote your application absolutely for free. Listed here are 25 most creative mobile application marketing strategy that could stun you by producing desired result,


23 Ways to Promote Your Mobile App For Free

#1 Develop a microsite

This single or two-pager displays your application to the audiences across the World Wide Web. Consider taking cues from Path and Snapchat.

#2 Start a blog

Create a blog and add it to your microsite. Produce an interesting content such that it draws people’s attention to your website. Buffer app will do this truly effective.

#3 Create a teaser website

Use this before one or two months of your launch to obtain email addresses of people who would eager to find when the application will be launched

#4 Share your content

This is the best way to promote mobile app for free. Make use of LinkedIn, google+, facebook and twitter to promote the application many times in a week.

#5 Make a product video

Create a product video and while making, try to make it thought-provoking, funny, creative or personal. Narrate the story in the way people can notify with. You can consider the one from Dollar shave club as an example.

#6 Application review website

Sites such as AppStoreApps, 148apps and AppAdvice can produce a huge buzz for your application when they mention it.

#7 Get tons of help from press

A successful entrepreneur is suggesting that press is the perfect way to kick start any startup and the suitable way to get it is manually reaching out to the journalists.

#8 Contact bloggers that would care

Identify those bloggers who write niches relating to your application. For example, a children’s application can be pitched to the write of bloggers

#9 Start podcasting

Consider publishing on iTunes or at your own website. Try to generate content from the niche that your application meets the most

#10 Apply for awards

Search for the awards like the Mobileys or Kiip Build Fund. When you win, you can receive a ton of press and obviously winner’s booty.

#11 Keep collecting email always

Collect the emails of potential customer through your website, twitter or facebook. Email list of people who have chosen in is the powerful mobile app marketing tool.

#12 Produce a 6 second hoe-to-series

Get the most of vine using videos that the potential customers would find useful. The hashtag howto is one of the popular trends tags

#13 Try posting on pinterest

Use visual content, infographics and blog images from your application to develop content on your pinterest board. You can also consider holding contests or make use of happy customer photos

#14 Make use of dubbler

Promote your content or blog posts that have to do with your application’s niche on dubbler, which is a sixty second audio social media.

#15 Organize a contest

For instance, you can motivate people to share and tweet content on their social media advertising your app. Every week a random person can win promo code and download your mobile application for free while it is a paid one.

#16 Recruit customers manually

The creator who is behind Canvsly reached out to libraries, local art schools and pediatricians to find more customers. Learn about your audience and reach them.

#17 Find speaking opportunities

Research events touching on the topic that your application addresses as well as make an appearance. Start with small and try to get notified an authority.

#18 Form a facebook group

Make a group for people having common interests about your application’s niche so that they can meet as well as socialize regularly. When you application meets hikers, for instance, develop a hiking group.

#19 Stay obsessive about solving negative reviews

You should always remember that a happy customer acts as a brand ambassador for your application

#20 Take favor of voicemail

Include an innovative mention of your application in voicemail recording of your phone, which is one of the best mobile app promotion ideas.

#21 Contact the admins of related facebook pages

Search for pages having more than hundred likes and also get into contact with their admins. Ensure that these pages have to do something with the intention of your application. Then offer them a compelling reason for mentioning it

#22 Optimize email signature

Create a catchy one-line that tells about your application along with link that allows to download it with your email signature.

#23 App Submission Sites

There are many Free App Review Submission available. You can submit the app in App Submission list. It will help your app popular and make sure improve your branding by getting professional reviews.

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