Top 5 Best Smartphones for Gaming in 2016   



The concept of a mobile phone has evolved beyond simply a device to make phone calls. Today’s smartphones have also become devices used to access the internet. Another common use for them is gaming. Some phones seem to have better specifications that make them ideal for gaming whether it is simple casino games like poker which you can play at sites like or more graphically demanding games such as Grand Theft Auto.

List of 5 best smartphones for mobile gaming

HTC One M10

This model comes with 4 GB of RAM. While this is usually more than needed for today’s games, it also means that the phone will be ready as newer games are developed. RAM is important especially when playing games online such as roulette. Having adequate RAM translates to less buffering and lagging with a game.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Similar to the M10, the S7 also provides a stunning 4 GB of RAM. Unlike any other phone, the S7 also has waterproof technology which means the device keeps running even after being dropping into water.

Motorola Droid Turbo

Unlike the previous two models, this phone only has 3 GB of RAM. This is still appropriate for gaming and the Turbo does also have a smaller price tag than the S7 or M10. With a 5.2 inch display screen, gamers prefer this option as they want to take advantage of the graphic nature of games.

iPhone 7

This latest addition to the iPhone family, which comes in two size with normal version and Plus version, have just been released this September. This device does have a smaller amount of RAM compared to the others at 2 GB. However, for those gamers who simply prefer Apple phones, they will find this the best gaming phone they have released to date.


Larger display screens are often preferred by gamers and the G5 has a sizable one measuring 5.6”. Coupled with the zippy processor, gamers will find this an ideal device.

While all of these devices would make terrific gaming phones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 pushes to the front with its key gaming features and waterproof capabilities.


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