Top 05 Best Open Source Big Data Tools of 2016


Big data- as the name says it is all about handling huge volumes of data for business consumption efficiently and without any glitches.  Every business has its own data pool which is highly important for the proper functioning of the business. Some business like ERP or CRM has constant influx of data where they need to be structured and organized. Big Data is not about receiving huge data, but it is about handling the data in the right way to result in success and productivity. The tools that are used to organize data for the big company and help them to make strategic decisions are the big data tools. There are many licensed and open source big data tools in the market and many are used by people across the world. With open source big data tools it is easy to operate as they are up to date and one need not run behind brands. The open source big data tools can handle high volume of data, can tackle the erratic data traffic, and manage the different formats of data received and also can withstand all complexity as today data comes from multiple resources. Here are few top class open source big data tools that have struck a chord with users in 2016.

Big Data tools include not just the data storage and mining tools but also the search tools that helps to retrieve data in the most efficient way. Here are the top five open source big data tools according to users review and usability. Check the details of all these toils right here and get inspired:

Five Best and Efficient Open Source Big Data Tools of 2016


Hadoop is by far and large the most widely used and most accepted big data tool in the market. It has garnered huge acceptance in the market and customers are super happy to work with Hadoop that it has become synonymous with big data. This Apache distributed data processing tool is capable of handling large chunks of data anytime irrespective of network traffic or its format. It is also very fast in replicating data into clusters and stores them efficiently so that it is available in the virtual machine whenever needed. Apache has also released extended versions of Big data Hadoop for other operations like search processing etc.


As already mentioned before, big data tools are not just about data structuring but also about data storage. HBase is an interesting open source big data tool that is non-relational database storage for Hadoop. It is an intelligent database management column oriented system that can even handle sparse datasets. This tool is Java based and supports applications like Avro, REST and Thrift. The biggest assets of this data store are that it is scalable, linear and consistent over numerous reads and writes, automatic failure detection support etc. It can easily run on Hadoop distributed network and file system. It is easy to learn and operate upon.


This tool is one of the most important tools for all open source big data users as it is a programming and software framework that can be used for writing data models and applications. Those who have used MapReduce know how valuable this tool is for processing large amount of data in a small spec of time. This intelligent and efficient works on parallel processing on large cluster of nodes making data storage and access easier for the users to a great extent. Though this programming platform is widely used by Hadoop users, it is an interesting fact that this big data tool was developed by the Google guys. This is widely used by the users due to its efficiency and features and its popularity is gradually increasing.


This is another highly effective open source big data tool of 2016 that is preferred hugely by the users. Developed by 10gen this tool was initially developed only to handle homogeneous databases but now it has been extended to handle a lot more. This NoSQL database is written using C++ and it comes with full index support and comes with document oriented storage. There is a huge commercial support available for this database from the developers. This scales horizontally and there is no compromise on the functionality irrespective of the scaling due to high data inflow. The users are highly satisfied with the advanced features and functionalities of this amazing tool.

Apache Solr

This is one of the most efficient big data tools that specialize in big data search. From the house of Apache this tool is reliable, scalable and fault tolerant in design. It supports distributed indexing; load balanced querying, automatic failure rectification and recovery with ease. There are numerous other features of this search tool that helps to query data with ease and process number of queries in parallel leading to great operational efficiency and high performance. If you are thinking that getting this kind of big data tools are expensive or will not be suitable for your budget, you needn’t to worry as this is affordable and can be purchased as per your requirement.

With open source big data tools rocking the market especially Hadoop there are much more development happening in the same sphere. Constant efforts to create more data efficient and storage efficient big data tool are the need of the hour as many businesses are adapting to big data based data storage and retrieval. The reason behind this adaptation is that open source based big data tools are easy to download at any computer without any licensing issue. Also open source big data tools can be subjected to utmost customization that helps commercial organizations a lot. On that note, it can be easily concluded that usage of open source big data tools for effective business is both technically and cost wise an intelligent decision. So, you can opt for these amazing tools and include in your system to derive the best benefits from them to achieve success.

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