Top 10 Best Free Fitness Apps for Android Smartphones

Today there’s an application for anything and everything, whether you’re looking for a song list with the best beats for your exercise or the easiest approach to not wake up feeling sleepy each morning. There are several health and fitness applications to discover the best. Few of the earlier applications and there are a lot of best free workout apps for android 2015 in the blend too.

Here you will get the know about the top best free fitness android application which offer whatever your goals, Getting in Shape, skill level improvement, or free time, you can download these 10 free android apps from Google Playstore, Which can help you get in better shape.

Download 10 Workout App for Health & Fitness for Android Users

FitStar Personal Trainer

You no more need to hack up heaps of cash for a fitness coach to get workouts customized specifically for you. FitStar fitness trainer evaluates your needs and fitness level by asking you a set from health and fitness related queries toward the end of each workout. That way every workout is testing however doesn’t squash you. What’s more, the best fitness apps for android free offerings are a solid match for new user to fitness fanatics.

Nike+ Training Club

This is the simplest approach to feel in control of your fitness region. The application offers more than 100 workouts created by Nike expert coaches for individuals of all fitness levels. Select your particular fitness objective (get strong, get lean, get focused, or get toned) and discover simple to-take after workout sessions—don’t stress there are a lot of rest days. Every individual workout accompanies wonderful video instructional exercises, so even new users never feel left in the dust.

Runtastic Six Pack Abs

Runtastic Six Pack Abs is focusing that getting well defined abs isn’t simple (see reviews, many attempted). In any case, strengthening your core ability has never been so easy, applause for Runtastic Six Pack. Pick Daniel or Angie as your avatar trainer, and after that select from workout programs that last anywhere in the range of 10 days to very nearly a month. The best part is that the Slo-mo recordings of the virtual fitness trainers implies you realize every activity right the first time around and maintain a strategic distance from muscle injuries.


Belonging to a gym is an incredible approach to keep a fitness schedule. In any case, at times that routine gets, well, schedule. A simple approach to flavor things up is to experiment with a cluster of distinctive fitness classes. That is the place MINDBODY Connect comes in.


This is the application for individuals who love to track everything in their lives. What’s more, the coolest part is Argus fitness tracker app android is you can do things without making you lifts a finger. The application remains focused the background of your cell phone and can tell in case you’re changing height or pace to track things like stairs and runs. Argus additionally creates beautiful graphs in view of the majority of the information it gathers, which can show patterns you generally haven’t noticed earlier.


There is many following applications out there—and now Apple and Google have tossed their caps into the ring with Apple’s Health Kit and Google Fit. Be that as it may, this is one of those situations when it’s best to stay with the time tested. MapMyFitness has been following exercises and tracking app since 2007 with a simple to-utilize interface and the absolute most exact following abilities out there. The application now gives you a chance to set difficulties and best fitness tracking even tracks you sports gear, so you know when it’s a great opportunity to purchase another pair of running shoes.

Charity Miles

Walking, running, and cycling can do way more than simply offering you some assistance with staying fit and healthy. Each mile of activity can procure cash for various charities. With the assistance of corporate sponsors, Charity Miles gives 10 pennies for each mile biked and 25 pennies for each mile ran or walked. As those miles include, you can have a major effect for an association that matters to you.


Sometimes we all need somewhat intense love to make them bounce and jiving. Libra brings exactly what you need. The weight-tracking application utilizes a few genuine sass to keep you traveling through, its seven-minute workouts. It doesn’t hurt that moves have names like ‘territory marker’ for a lunge and ‘dragon mating dance’ for a push-up into a side board. The best android weight loss app virtual coach will make them giggle so hard you’ll barely understand that you’re driving through a progression of troublesome body weight works out.

StrongLifts 5×5

This is the best gym partner when you hit the weights. The workout apps android prompts you to finish three lifting activities with five arrangements of five reps—consequently the name 5×5. StrongLifts mentors you along to give appropriate breaks in the middle of every set and recommends when it’s a great opportunity to include more weight.

Pump Up

Not all of your companions need find out about your PRs or your #beastmode workout. That is the place Pump Up comes in. Its Instagram meets Facebook for the fitness and health set. The social stage is the ideal spot to post progress photographs and persuade other similarly invested individuals to meet their fitness goals using android health apps.

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