Top 12 Best Free Online Cloud Storage Services for 2016 (Updated)

Cloud storage services are awesome for offering records to loved ones, keeping archives in a state of harmony between the greater parts of your gadgets, thus significantly more. Free online cloud storage services are far superior! Here are the most popular cloud storage services for free.

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Best Free Online Cloud Storage Service of all time!

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The same organization that launches the remote access software LogMeIn additionally offers 5 GB of free Cloud storage. You can get more space (up to 25 GB) through friend referrals. Windows and Mac clients can introduce the desktop sync customer and Android and iOS clients can get the mobile application for transferring pictures. Both stages permit you to remove and share your Cubby documents from their separate applications.


Each new Copy client gets 15 GB of online file storage providers at no expense, and you can even share records without having a record. You can get an additional 5 GB of space for each added friend that starts utilizing Copy. The mobile Copy applications can do everything the web and desktop variant can do: make new organizers, see right now transferred records, and impart documents and data packetss to others (even unregistered clients).


Dropbox clients begin off with 2 GB of free space with a few straightforward methods for procuring more, up to around 18 GB. You can see and transfer all your Dropbox documents from a desktop or mobile application and impart entire data packets to anybody, regardless of the fact that they don’t have a Dropbox account.


New FlipDrive clients get 5 GB of beginning storage with an open door for 500 MB more for every friend they can refer to begin utilizing FlipDrive. There aren’t any mobile or desktop programs that can be introduced for transferring records to FlipDrive, so the web application must suffice. In spite of the fact you can transfer entire data packets using the site which is pleasant and makes it Top online cloud storage services.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the Cloud storage space service provider offered by Google. Each new client gets 15 GB of free space. Google Drive makes it truly easy to team up with others by permitting comments and letting documents be opened and got to my more than one individual at once.


In a split second get 10 GB of free online record facilitating with MediaFire. Expand it to 50 GB with things like invite friends and application downloads. There are sharing choices for records and organizers and simple transfers with MediaFire data packets on your PC that is connected straightforwardly to your record. iOS and Android clients can download an application to view and share documents on the go or transfer photographs and recordings.


Better yet, a large portion of these free Cloud storage providers give you significantly all the more free space for alluding friends or performing different assignments. Get 50 GB of free Cloud storage with MEGA. Mega offers secure end-to-end encryption to battle a rupture in protection.


You can transfer the same number of documents as you need, no bigger than 4 GB in size, to Mightyupload, and each record and organizer you make are openly accessible through your profile. You don’t need to make a record to utilize Mightyupload, however it makes it less demanding to deal with your documents if you do. Likewise, non-clients can just transfer 10 records on the double, though enlisted clients can transfer 25.


Once in the past called SkyDrive, OneDrive is an online storage service from Microsoft. Everybody gets 15 GB of free space when they join. Additional facilitating can be recompensed in the event that you take after specific guidelines, similar to friend referrals and mobile photograph synchronizing. OneDrive supports transferring both data packets and documents to non-enrolled clients. An authorization can be set to just permit seeing or to permit full editing.


10 GB of free online storage is offered by pCloud, with friend referrals and different extra steps bouncing it to a conceivable 20 GB. pCloud supports including documents from a remote URL notwithstanding single record and entire data packets transfers through a program. The mobile applications can transfer photographs and recordings straightforwardly to your pCloud account.


New SurDoc clients are every given 100 GB of free space with the alternative to finish undertakings to be compensated all the more free space, up to 1 TB. A devoted SurDoc data packet is made when the customer is introduced for Windows clients, permitting you to effectively move and customize organizers into your record. There’s additionally an application for cell phones.


Another internet facilitating service is SeaCloud, which offers 1 GB of free storage for each new client. Records can be added to your record with the desktop sync customer, which is accessible for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients. Android and iOS clients can transfer photographs and video from their cell phones.

These were the Top 12 Best Free Cloud Storage Services. Use these above sites to store your pictures, Vidoes and large Files. You can also check out our article on The Best Video Editing Software.

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